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Me, well, all i can say is that im random, and that should be good enough.
Likes: Dessert, Dark Chocolate, Video Games- mostly Nintendo, knowing random facts, and depantsing my cousins.
Hates: Meat, people who show their underwear, wan-a-be gangsters, and effort.
Colors: Black, Purple, and Orange.
Would-be Super Power: To control darkness/shadows.


World of Dentists
Sun: Noooooo! Nooo!
Crab Nebula: Hurray, We did it!
Sun: Noo! Noooo!
Some Sort of Astronomical Phenomenon: We kidnapped the sun!
Sun: Nooo! Nooooooooo!

Silly songs with Larry
Stop it! Stop, stop right this instant! What do you think your doing? You can't say everyones got a water buffulo and everyone does not have a water buffulo! We're going to get nasty letters saying, "Where's my water buffulo? Why don't I have a water buffulo?" And are you prepared to deal with that? I don't think so! Just stop being so silly!


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diaveborn Report | 02/06/2013 9:08 am
I like your avi! The combo of the paper hat and the antlers is really neat.
Winter Loki Report | 01/29/2013 6:51 pm
Winter Loki
Thank you! heart
ultraphonics Report | 09/03/2010 6:14 am
thanks! i thought so too!
taylordino Report | 06/20/2010 8:53 am
HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY ;D@(^@)*^(&*^(&%@)*
taylordino Report | 06/18/2010 8:57 am
ian scott ha.
i just read the silly songs with larry quote
and started singin in ma head c:
i quite enjoyed it :3
Rather Awful Report | 04/11/2010 5:22 pm
Rather Awful
awhhhhh thanks :3
that was an adowable vid!
Sakura QW Report | 01/16/2010 5:36 pm
Sakura QW
im good.... and being random is fine...being weird is even better....and well we need to meet and chat some time soon
cindel annette Report | 12/30/2009 8:24 pm
cindel annette
dude best joke ever haha
taylordino Report | 12/13/2009 8:44 am
hey, do you want to come over today?
Robocrystal Report | 11/15/2009 12:54 pm


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