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Do you really want to know?

My surname is historical for the Children of the Mist, a Scottish name that was hunted in the 1800s by red coats who called us barbarians when they raped our women, and drew & quartered our men. We ghosts...biding our time until they hunted our clan no longer. At least, that's how my father put it. My family was keen in displaying its devotion to the Old Myths. My middle name is in honour of the warrior Scathach (pronounced "SCAU-ach" with the added flem) who taught the greatest of soldiers how to fight and win every battle. She's also known as the goddess of chaos and grandmother liked to tell stories about how the women of the MacGregor (Nicgregair...or however she pronounced it in her strong, Gaelic tongue) clan were decendants of the goddess herself, and how every woman possessing her powers had the distinct markings of her. My grandmother were pet her silken black hair and look around the room with her bright, blue eyes. I paid no mind to this folktale and continued my work helping my father in his basement. He always had something to tinker with.

One Christmas it was a masterpiece he was working on. I saw a giant's feet in the center of the room, a head in the corner, and parts flown about as if it were a gargantuan chop shop...for robots. I suppose he was working on a display model for his boss, as he always did up the fancy metalworks...but somehow...this was different. I never asked...only if he needed help. The only thing he asked was that I try to keep my mother Cassandra busy, help her in the kitchen when needed, and try to keep her away from his basement as much as possible. No questions--I did just so.

I was 15 when he died. And my mother. And my wee brother. All in the early spring. Now my headmaster is working hard to keep the legals away from me until I'm 16 and can hold my own. But I can't devote all my time to a business to keep me well in society when I have an education to consider. It's either one or the other...and my time is drawing to a close...and I must matter how painful it is to consider a life without family. There is one option, however...


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Mon Amour Antoinette Report | 03/24/2009 1:22 am
Mon Amour Antoinette
no problem ^o^
Stalowy Alchemik Report | 03/21/2009 5:31 am
Stalowy Alchemik
Thanks^^ Old Slayers are (in my opinion) better than Revoulution and sequel (maybe I'm too old for this neutral )....I saw a scene from this sequel, where Zelgadiss's personality was drastically changed...Zel isn't a crybaby...*sigh*
ii Zero Haru ii Report | 03/12/2009 6:34 pm
ii Zero Haru ii
thanks for buying ^^
DarienKMarshelly Report | 03/12/2009 3:18 am
well *laughs* its about time for the techno-geek to take over, you got a whole place to spiffy up with awesome XDD
DarienKMarshelly Report | 03/10/2009 9:54 pm
hahaha.... adrien has a folder on the comp called 'boys' XDDDDDD i ******** hate that man. ill dl that soundtrack- need some new music.
DarienKMarshelly Report | 03/09/2009 9:47 pm
lol im usually up till 2 or 3. poor keyboard... both of our have hit some bad times. i haven't listened to it, just dled the watchmen first OST and its really good ^_^
crabbyCarcinogen Report | 03/08/2009 9:49 am
I know you as well! biggrin

The pwning shall begin.... Soon.

Off to church and then I cause brains to explode with the (fail) of my comics and conversations with John on t3h interwebs.

That sounded a lot lamer than I meant it to. :/ I need cheerios.
DarienKMarshelly Report | 03/26/2008 6:02 am
meant *hides... i cant sleep... its 6 am....
DarienKMarshelly Report | 03/26/2008 6:01 am
crying *hudes*
Rejonil Report | 03/03/2008 1:48 pm
A friend of a friend of a friend of a and you get the idea. So hi. It's pronounced "ree-oh-NEEL." No clue what language...if it's Ilan or not...*shrugs*


I like cake. Do you?
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