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About Me

Who am i?.... WHO AM I??!...I AM!! BATMAN!!

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Yello! My Username is Morbid Actuality , you can call me Morbid and/or Maude

Listen, to everyone reading....
I dont think that I could sum up
whoI am
within a couple of paragraphs and a list of things you can relate me too. None the less thats what you can get below of course because that's what one is supposed to do right?

Because i'm not a kind of person whose livelihood can be summed up in that sort of manner.

I've lived 18 years yet have the experience of a 59-year old.
Thats one sentence of a book filled with sentences like these to describe me.

Life is full of changes you cant expect and cant prepare for
There's a bit of experience from that one sentence that i live by- how about that.

Being who we are can be dangerous
but you must stand strong and persevere and before you know it you'll be safe

I had an epiphany in tenth grade that dramatically distorted my fate
and i thank myself for having the willpower to push on without any friends,
to become who i really am. And be happier because of it.

I'm a virgin

I've never had a boyfriend or anything like that

I have two cats

(my favorite cat named Dingleberry
just passed a few weeks ago, I'm still not over it)

and 6 dogs
I could give away 4 easy.
and if you knew them you would understand

I'm an only child

I have a 4.0 gpa.

I love life

but wish i could be old already
not care about anything

See these are the little things that don't sum up who i am. It takes a million.
More than a million.

I cant sum who i am up in a couple of words and get a sense of who i am.

Heres the promised List of things i enjoy

I am a very .. umm.. up and down person.
. i am usually very happy! I am a fun loving, sarcastic person..
my motto is
" do it now and do it right"
I have a really good sense of humor.. trust me I'm hilarious
so if your funny please Pm me or friend me

I am a writer, an artist i have an art shop! please click the smiley face in my sig!
I'm an atheist,
i completely support gay marriage and etc.
I am a very... i would call myself intresting person.

Here are some more details about me biggrin

I'm a big fan of many things~!

especially violent gory ones (Etc:Gears of War, Dead Space, Bioshock) Kingdom hearts 1-2 and pikmin 2
Not only do i love console games i love PC games as well
I love Team Fortress 2 - 'm usually the engineer or sniper.
Spore- self declared spore whore .
I also Love Ds/ gameboy games.
I love Kirby with all my heart
i love playing Pokemon.. I am a pokemon master- yes i have caught them all gentlemen.... the pokemon that matter have been caught. and by matter i mean are before emerald.

I also love MUSIC
I have a very eclectic taste in music.
I love Songs not Bands. I might like a lot of songs by ONE band But i Might not like them as a band as a whole which i buy albums etc.

I also love TELEVISION
I love Star Trek. LOVE. LOVE. I am die hard Trekkie- My favorite is TOS and TNG
South Park- seen every episode
Spongebob Squarepants- when i was a kid I could recite you an episodes script front to back
Dexter - who doesn't love a psychopath?

Courage the cowardly dog
House m.d
Robot Chicken
Law and order - I Have an autograph from Richard Belzer. Suck it
and so many more.. but those are the main ones...

My favorite colors are:
Neon Green
Neon pink
pastel blue
and RAINBOW.. thats a color.. shud up

Anyone who is like me (with the information i just typed above) please PM me. i am fluent in spanish and english <- DUH

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I am questing biggrin if you could donate that would be great!
heart PLEASE DONATE heart

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Total Value: 5,727,010 Gold
After Exclusions: 2,771,090 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Tasmanian Safari
Silver Hearthfire Pendant
Warm Ivory Satchel
Erlking Ears Type B
Flight of the Macaw
Very Protective Fantasy Armor
Sigrdrifa's Prayer
Shiny Black Short Shorts
White Tigerskin Loincloth
Red Rakish Vest
Demeter Nacht
Ela the Jackalope
Rosa Decora
Band of Bremen


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My Life when i want it

This is a journal about my life and when i want to write it down.


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Greteh Report | 05/19/2013 2:43 pm
... I just need to remember the mule's info and then I will bring it up LOOOOL
Greteh Report | 05/19/2013 9:47 am
8D -hugstackle-
Greteh Report | 05/08/2013 8:48 am
Wooooooooo~ =D
Greteh Report | 05/07/2013 3:00 pm
Well if it's too much then I can just wait till you're done =D It's not that long of a wait
Greteh Report | 05/06/2013 5:36 pm
Darn I was hoping you wouldn't say that LOL >o<;
Well has school been keepin ya pretty busy recently?
Greteh Report | 05/05/2013 6:50 pm
So, I messaged her like "HEY DO YOU REMEMBER ME?"
I have yet to get a reply or anything.
I just wanna see what you want to do if she doesn't reply.
I mean you and I can open up the shop, and if I get a reply from her we can edit it, or hell I can see if a friend of mine can fix it up or something owo

I mean that's up to you. Since you have school still we can wait till you're out or have it set up whenever owo
Greteh Report | 05/02/2013 9:11 am
Yeah :3
I sent the lady a message just to see if she still even remembers me xD Sooo when she replies I will let her know we are back and ready for business : D
Greteh Report | 04/30/2013 8:48 am
Wooohooo~ : D
And I'm working through the PMs to see where we left off xD
Greteh Report | 04/30/2013 8:16 am
Awwwwwwww that does suck ;o;
But things will turn up! They always do : D

And das a cute shop <3333
I will probably PM you to finish up where we left off, which I think was editing some of the mini-banners for the thread o3o
Greteh Report | 04/22/2013 4:50 pm
I missed you so damn much ;o;
and Btw did you still want to do that art shop thingy? o _o;;


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