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Thank you for visiting my store :3
I usually don't take offers but if its for a high priced item I might give it you a little cheaper.
Please don't ask for offers of like 30k off of a 40k item, I'm not that nice.
Have a nice purchase! xD

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Name; Nikki
Age; 20
Hair Colour; Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Purple, Brown. (It changes often.)
Eye Colour; Blue

My name is Nikki, I don't come on here all that often anymore. I logged in yesterday (11/02/2014) after two years of inactivity. I've been hibernating. I don't really have much to say, I'm not really a talkative person. It's my birthday on Monday, i'll be 20... I'm old and fragile. Please don't rob me.

P.S: This is the only part of my profile I will be changing.

You already told me,
If a girl were art,
You'd f*ck her brains out.

But you should know
A bed is a bed
and not a canvas,

Her hands are not bristles
But palms and fingers,
Her face is not a figure
Of pastels, but a face,
And her arms and thighs are
not tools, but arms and thighs

And her voice does not
Hold reds, or oranges,
Or violets, or greens,
Or yellows.

It holds a human.

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Any unwanted Ink is appreciated! :3[/size:17aadce8b2]


Thy fingerstache defeats all, and all is defeated by thy fingerstache! :3[/size:17aadce8b2][/color:17aadce8b2]


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casey999 Report | 09/27/2011 6:06 pm
hey biggrin im good
casey999 Report | 09/16/2011 8:17 pm
hey how are you smile
SolemnSunshine Report | 08/01/2011 6:15 am
;D thank you for buying!! heart ~
Candice Alice Report | 07/31/2011 4:54 pm
Candice Alice
No problem c:
Misfortuned Checkmate Report | 07/28/2011 4:05 pm
Misfortuned Checkmate
You're Welcome. =3
Misfortuned Checkmate Report | 07/28/2011 3:53 pm
Misfortuned Checkmate
So, I'll send you a trade with the bugs and the inks?
Misfortuned Checkmate Report | 07/28/2011 3:48 pm
Misfortuned Checkmate
I met you in towns earlier, and you wanted inks and bugs.
(( I was dressed up like a little school-girl earlier, if you don't remember me. ))
Misfortuned Checkmate Report | 07/28/2011 3:46 pm
Misfortuned Checkmate
Hey, you wanted some of my spare bugs and inks, right?
persyphonie Report | 07/28/2011 1:37 pm
no problem
persyphonie Report | 07/28/2011 12:26 pm
white and pink ink are rare...if you have enough to make body dye, keep it and make it! it will sell big on MP