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I haven't been on in years. I only go on when I get bored and if you do see me on, I'm always on zOMG. It would be awesome if they made more areas in zOMG.


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simply PURE Report | 03/05/2012 4:49 pm
simply PURE
I just watched/listened to Feng Fei Fei's video, not bad actually. I mean my preference, it's kinda soothing. It's such a tragedy that she passed away..somehow I feel this sadness inside my heart..I don't know why..maybe it's my sympathy towards music......this connection >.<
simply PURE Report | 02/24/2012 4:43 pm
simply PURE
I totally agree with Rain! Your profile looks so much more appealing now! I love it ^-^ Very soothing. Hope to see you around Moon =D
Aquatic Reign Report | 02/19/2012 10:38 am
Aquatic Reign
Oh wow, your profile does have a vintage look.

simply PURE Report | 02/19/2012 10:12 am
simply PURE
Math T________T SO hard!!!!!! I'll only get it through practice..sigh......That's a good choice. I shall work on World Lit too.
simply PURE Report | 02/19/2012 10:08 am
simply PURE
Moon!!!!!!!!! Good afternoon! I'm going to try and get some homework done today >.< And scrap-booking for my dad in China. You? Gaia is our motivation!! XD
simply PURE Report | 02/17/2012 4:57 pm
simply PURE
Moon!! Here are some questions =]
Magical Fishing Questions!

- What would you do to recycle?
- Do you recycle currently?
- What are some alternative energy sources?
- Which energy source(s) are renewable?
- How can we PURIFY the ocean? (couldn't resist, sorry XD)
- What can be recycle?
- How would you make recycling more interesting?
- Is reusing the backside of a piece of paper recycling?
- What do you think will happen if no one recycled?
- Have you ever picked up any trash on the ground that does not belong to you?
- How will you change our environment?
Aquatic Reign Report | 02/17/2012 4:25 pm
Aquatic Reign
I love you!
Aquatic Reign Report | 02/11/2012 6:31 pm
Aquatic Reign
Aww thank you Moon. That's sweet.

I made this avi because I thought the color scheme was just divine, and I loved it.
simply PURE Report | 11/23/2011 8:49 am
simply PURE
SORRY!!!!!! I got always. Yup, meet up at my house, he he. I'll be there emotion_yatta
simply PURE Report | 12/26/2010 11:05 am
simply PURE
~ HAPPY SNOWY ADVANCED NEW YEAR ~ in case I won't see you again until the near future >w<