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Heyy there. My name's Kelly. Thanks for stopping by.

I'm MoonlitElegy, previously known as MoonlightDreamMiko74 - but that got too long and annoying to type. Please excuse my indolence.
I've been here since August 2OO5, so I'm a proud 5 year veteran.

I consider myself honest, talkative, and independent. I'm a night owl, and I teach piano. I'm currently a senior in Highschool, and my life's busy trying to balance out academics with my social life and the odd commissions I get here on Gaia. I'm usually sleep-deprived and therefore a bit grumpy and sardonic at times, so please bear with me.

That said, if you catch me on a day after I've fully rested, I'm optimistic and open-minded. Generally, I'm a laid-back person. I'm one who loves typing out smileys and whatnot after every sentence. I also respect those that can balance both humor and literacy. lyke rofl, no.

I draw a bit of B&W art( my DA ), but I love avi art. Hint hint. : )

I love meeting new people. . . though I can do without meeting rude asinines. If there's one thing I can't tolerate, it's probably immature, pompous, insensitive, selfish asshats. That, and spiders.

Ah; I don't accept random friend requests, btw. So if you're one of those people I randomly chat with for half an hour on one of gaia's mini games, sorry, lolol. I've had way too many friendly convos over the years to remember yours specifically. That's not to say that people can't friend me; especially if they're dubbed super awesome in my mind and become an exception among many.

Ooh. My brain's out of things to talk about - if you've made it this far, extra brownie points for you! Thanks and ....

Send me a random comment? :'D User Image


E l e g a n c e

Feel free to look around, but remember, everything is copyrighted.



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idk...i've just always been a kakashi fan o:
i didnt expect you to come back with a "yes?" LOL
*thrown off guard* TwT

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kakashi kun! redface

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my current would love to be drawn...
if you have ever seen fanart of human male versions of My Little Pony... i want it to look like that :3
Here is my siggy of how someone has already drawn it... anything like this would be fine :3
is there anything you want?

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I would love a freebie :3
I also draw so if you are interested in an art trade...
even though you probably have better quality =n='''

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Thanks for the link.
As for wanting the link i wanted it so i could have it on this accounts profile...
the other one got hacked so i can no longer access it =w='''

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Thank you none the less for at least searching
here is a tektek of my avatar whom which you drew:
Now you can always go back to my sexi zexy profile to see the art you had given me... for a better visual and it is located about 3/4th of the way down the page or the last avi art i recieved from anyone for that account :3
again thank you :3

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This comment is random to you but not to me :3
Cause i have ordered art from you before but I no longer can log on under that account.
But I was just wondering if you had avi art file of sexi zexy from i'd say about 2-3 years ago?
and if not, I can understand :3
anyways, have a great day :3

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umm.. we are still friends.. but its just fb friends for the most part. we talk here and there.. but there isn't really friendships after break-ups. its sad. umm mellow? or maybe. I just see most things as stories. I'm not digging into feelings of regret or "omg, i miss her!" or anything like that, its just another story, something else to talk about. It becomes bothersome when others try to link the story to some hidden "feelings". lol its like art, most art is just there.. but people feel the need to pull something out of it that isn't.

Yea.. iono, i just know that her mom is looking for a part time, not sure where at or what for. The complaint about Jimmy was when they broke up, so its been a while.. but she mostly complains about things he does around or with Trisha and how its "awkward" for her.. which is just dumb.

ah, n the hw thing.. that was an annoyance for us both.. cos he needed to do his, or he wanted to go to the gym or w.e.. but she would avoid doing hw when he asked her to earlier.. then demand him to do it when "she was ready". Sometimes, he would need to do his own thing, and she wouldn't understand that. but like i said, age difference was apparent in there relationship (not always a case.. but in theirs it was).

lol sure, Zomg! after or at 5 sounds fine. lol

Honestly I have no idea what or if they are doing more to it.. i just check those announcements every once in a while for the pics.. not the wording. haha and i either saw "open beta" or "tickets" or something indicating a new release. I still have my ZOMG! ticket beta thing from before they opened it.

Yea, its understandable that some guys are "creepers". I have a hopeless Chinese friend back at my college.. he keeps texting me about crap.. i swear.. i need to hold his hand for EVERYTHING! but like.. other guys just have NO GAME. You gotta be able to look at the angles of a situation and see what people are really after. By taking the "aw, he is so sweet' approach, you might land yourself in trouble.

I'm a guy, but not the typical guy.. but due to my own paranoia's I can read the actions of people. But what i've been trying to tell you is that this guy is NOT trying to be like that nice sweet guy. He wants get with her. Also, there are times when guys will do you a favor or take you out or something and then give you that guilt trip and hold it against you later. That way they can get something they want. But yea, you gotta view at all angles, not every guy is what you think. :/

Ah ok, well, its ok. its neither good nor bad if you know the person. its just a name and a story i guess. haha :p



A wild Kakashi appeared.

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Kakashi vanished.