Herro friends ;3 If you didn't notice already my name is Moonlit flower maiden, but I'd much rather you to call me Luna. It's my favorite nickname.

A little about myself?...Well, I grew up living in Hawaii, but am currently attending college out of state somewhere in the Midwest. (nope...not telling where) I'm a Music major (main instrument voice), with a prospected minor in both Speech Pathology and Psychology. I hope to take this with me into graduate school to concentrate on a career in Musical Therapy. blaugh Additionally, I play collegiate Division III soccer for my school and have been playing this sport I love for almost 14 years.

This section is devoted to the people I love dearly, my friends. First and foremost I'd like to talk about my Mia! She's been my bestest friend in the whole world since the seventh grade, and though we do not attend college near other we still consider ourselves connected at the hips! biggrin She's creative, imaginative, kind, and very bubbly ;3 Be nice to her or I swear to god I will kill you in the most terrible manner possible. Not even Kidding.

Next comes Andrew :3 Unfortunately for me he's been terribly busy lately, but this guy has been my RP'ing buddy since the beginning of time. He's spontaneous and innovative, not to mention a lot of fun! I hope he gets on more often this year...I miss the old days where we would post back and forth for HOURS a day on end ^ ^

If there's anyone that's gotten me to laugh and smile often, it's definitely my Neko-san! He's a commited and avid rp'er, and though I met him just a little over a year ago, I can definitely say that it feels like we've been buddies for a much longer time )>^,^)> He leaves me baffled at moments during rp, and that's something I love!

I dedicate this next paragraph to my beautiful Daughter, Mykell. She's SOOOO totally a better writer than I am surprised and is one of the sweetest people I know. Furthermore, she's beautiful! I'm so proud to call her my daughter, literal or not haha ;3

Likes of Miss Lunamaria :3-
~Mia! *does the caramedancen wif her*
~Neko-san *pounces on him*
~Andrew *prepares a battle stance*
~Mykell *gives her a tight hug*
~The color purple (wasn't that obvious? ^ ^)
~Pasta! *slurp!*
~Sailor Moon *holds up a peace sign*
~Singing La la la la la....
~Baking *offers you a homemade cookie ^o^*
~Roleplay ^_~
~Horses! *rides one into the sunset xD*
~Plushies *dive bombs into a pile of one*
~Romance novels (*blush* yes, it's a secret indulgence of mine.)
~Greek mythology (So cool!)
~Being an Otaku! *knows what Ein is thinking as she runs off to buy a cosplay costume for the con*
~Cosplay (WHOOO!)
~Soccer (Winning, duh.)
~Music (Pretty much all of it :p)
~Lolita's biggrin
~Winter (never seen or been in snow though weirdly....this year will be my first!)
~Lots of other stuff (there's too little space to write everything D: )

Things Miss Lunamaria will growl at-
~Not being able to see her friends....*frowns*
~People (most of the time rp'ers) who think they're the s**t and really aren't...-_-'
~Music Theory Homework (GAH! >o< wink
~Stereotypes (bleck)
~Cockroaches *runs away*
~Filipino food Dx
~Spicy foods (it's only a matter of not being able to handle it.... >< wink
~Hollister or anything having to do with it (I hate this goddamned store with a freaking passion)
~Abercrombie (enough said)
~Drunk people, most often frat boys (self explainable -_-')
~People who wear too much makeup (just, stop)
~People who think soccer is a wussy sport (come over here and say that. I dare you)
~Homophobes (get over yourself)
~ pEpO WhO tAlK LiK DiS N xPeCt 2 gEt aWaY aS SeEmInG sMrT n oR bE TaKeN sRsLy (Really now?)
~Fat people who dress too showy for their own good (seriously, your just asking for it at that point)
~Being hit on by those perverts on the street *shakes head -_-'*
~Creepy dolls *hides o.o*
~Many more stuffs that won't fit on this list surprised

I'm very friendly, and promise that I don't bite ;3 Feel free to send me a random pm ^ ^ Okay bye bye now.


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Oh hai dere, Kipa!
The Loan Ninja

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The Loan Ninja

Your back!!! emotion_kirakira

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Happy birthday

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You are now the opposite of my avi! Mwuahahaha lol

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Sooo? How do you like the gift?

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Hm? No I sent it to your college mailbox...

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I'm working on yours! >.<; It might come late... sorries!

btw I sent you something in the mail did you ever get it?

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Well after 18 nothing seems exciting until 21. But Im sure your 19th will be much more glamorous than mine

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Magic! No but in all seriousness I remember that your birthday is really close to Didi's.
Ready the league of 19? Too bad there is nothing special about it.


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