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Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 11/04/2017 3:43 pm

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Oh, that's cool! ^_^
I'm not really a party goer though XD *is socially awkward* XD
Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 11/03/2017 11:05 pm

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

You didn't miss it! It will end on the 7th I think 3nodding
You mean in RL? I didn't XD But on Gaia, I'm still wearing my Halloween costume 3nodding
Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 10/29/2017 2:48 pm

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

I log in for the dailies too. XD
There's also some forum event going on, it's a bit boring though and gets repetitive very quickly XD

There is a zomg event! There's the ghost shooting thing and Jack is back too, I just fought him a couple of days ago! 4laugh
Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 10/27/2017 2:46 pm

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Aww, that's sweet ^_^
I've actually been logging in regularly lately, but I haven't played zomg in a while now. But we have a new internet plan, so zomg is at least possible now! 3nodding
I really miss the old days too! Unfortunately, zomg seems to be quite dead most of the time... :c But hopefully the Halloween event will get more people play zomg XD
Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 10/23/2017 7:07 pm

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Y U view my profile but no leave me a comment? gonk

Hehee, I'm just joking whee
It's been a while again! How are you doing?
We should totally play zomg sometime again! It's been years since we played together (literally XD)

Also I really like your avi 3nodding
Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 11/20/2016 1:03 am

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Oh, that's not nice at all! gonk I imagine it's quite frustrating if you're there to study art, but instead have to study some other stuff...
I've been actually wanting to learn programming for some time already XD Perhaps I will look up some online tutorials or something 3nodding

Ooh, I've always hated those performing in front of the class things! I just don't like to be the center of attention I guess... XD
I can't really imagine it either yet, but I bet it'll be fun! 3nodding Well, I'm not missing the snow so far! XD I've always been more of a summer kind of person!
Yuyu is doing fine c: And I got the visa! whee
Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 10/17/2016 4:37 am

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Oooh, tell me what you've been up to? How's school?
It's great! I really like it here! Gonna have summer christmas this year! (Hopefully... If my visa gets accepted) XD
Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 09/20/2016 7:56 pm

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Hi Tsuki! How are you doing? It's been so long!
Guess what? I'm in New Zealand! whee
Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 06/22/2016 12:30 am

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Well that's nice then! c: Oh my, good luck with the exam and job hunt!
Well, I recently quit my job so I could spend time with family before going to New Zealand and currently I'm at the summerhouse with Stormy, grandma, grandpa and my little sister.
Also got in a big fight with mom's boyfriend! He's such a jerk!
Well, we decided to come back to kill time. And so we started to play Lake Kindred, which turned out to be quite useful, because of the rig drops! XD
Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Report | 06/19/2016 11:24 am

Kawaii Kyuubi-chan

Hehee you're welcome! X3
How have you been?
I've returned to Gaia (for now)!


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