Welcome To The Life Of A Deranged Psycho...

I'm Kristina.

Reading is a good way to pass the time. I love reading most books that I can get my hands on. It's just nice to get lost in your own little world. Sci-Fi and Fantasy is where it's at. Go Harry Potter!

I love to be outside and exploring in the mountains. It's a great escape and very peaceful to just be out in nature and lost in your own thoughts. I love being out in the night under a full moon and a star painted sky. It's absolutly beautiful.

Oh, I also have this boyfriend, his name is Robert (ChaoticCookie37). He means the world to me and more. He is just everything to me and I would not ever be able to live without him. He makes me so happy and feel so very loved. He's the most sweet and caring guy that I know =]. I love how we can laugh at the littlest things and always just be silly and ourself around each other. I love the fact that he is always there for me no matter what. I also love that he is able to cheer me up when I'm having the most horrible day in the world by just talking to me. He's just perfect in every single way. I love you Robert, forever and always! :].

"She's so smart and independent, I don't think she needs me.
Quite half as much as I know I need her.
I wonder why there's not another guy that she'd prefer.
And when I feel like giving up
Like my world is falling down,
I show up at 3am.
She's still up watching Vacation, and I
See her pretty face,
It takes me away to a better place."
I Love you Nightengale!