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Danny, I think youre the most awesome-est mexican ever. c:
but you dont even know spanish D:<
moron. ;-;
that makes me sad.
anyways I can always count on you to embarrass me 8D
thats not good but I love you for it. c:
plenty of hugs for you mister.
ilydanny -jess <3

Beaner youve been hacked again

Idk If I can top Jess' hack o;
I'll try
K so
Muffers your pretty awesome fer a mexican
You'll find yourself a lady and she'll love you tons ;]
Your a horny lil b*****d but that just makes you...Muffers O:
Your a great friend even though I pick on you way to much xD
K Im done
F l u f f e h B u t t
x-iT r e v

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