i love anime so much and love reading books and stuff the normal stuff blaugh

Interests & Hobbies: watching anime, reading, listening 2 music( watever i hav around), archly, etc.
Favorite Movies & Shows: too much 2 type it all down, lol ^^
Favorite Music: hip-hop, R&B, classical, sometimes country, rock, sound tracks, stuff and more. whee
Favorite Books: Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer (fav Aruther), I heart Edward Cullen and Sasuke and Neji of course, i like also reading things about history of cultures, and reading manga books (anime books)

In my first account it still has all it's pics and vid, so if want 2 c go head, but it's all mess up lol sweatdrop and just 2 let u all it's not my fault, k. The username of my first account was Faintfulmoon_girl.