Hi there! Well, I'm not that good at this "About Me" thing, so bare with me.
☪My name is Rachel.
☪I'm 16 years old.
☪My birthday is April 1st, yes, it is April Fools Day. "Your baby is due today! April Fools! No seriously, you're giving birth today..." I get jokes like that all the time lol.
☪What else...oh!
☪My favorite colors are black, red, blue, and purple(:
☪I have been playing volleyball since 5th grade, and I'm going to be in 11th grade, also known as my Junior year.
☪I love to draw! Even if I'm not that good lol. I just got some new sharpies so I'm drawing even more ;D
☪My favorite animal is a wolf. I find them so amazing and unique. They are so magestic, but independant and strong. If I could be an anime character, I'd be a girl with wolf ears and tail! (:
☪My best friends on Gaia: braxripper, Pacific Angel, Mriswith Angel, cute_kyubi, Blazzzen and iHatsumi! I would do anything for them(: I love them to death<3
☪Well, I can't think of anything else to say. If you want to find out more, just ask! Don't be afraid(: Kthanxbyee! biggrin


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Honeysweet said something about you making signs. What's that about? I'm confused by what she meant. confused

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If anyone is friends with MooChoo10, add me(MooChoo-xX) It's my new account because this one was hacked. I cant access all of my friends, only the first 7, so please, if you can, add my new account, aka, this one! biggrin
xxSLING PP_in_yo_FACExx

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xxSLING PP_in_yo_FACExx

evil so u were joking this hole time > neutral

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Well, I've been good too.
I just hope that we could hang out again in zOMG.

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You're sexy.
*grabs and says "Hey!!! Baby"
ll Karas ll

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ll Karas ll

Thanks for buying.
Kage Setsuna

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Kage Setsuna

Thanks for the purchase!

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EYO! Moo! It's been a while, eh? How's life?

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Your Welcome
fhgioeshf oiwejdqa

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fhgioeshf oiwejdqa

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