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If you read through this entire thing you'll learn A HELL OF ALOT ABOUT ME but that's still scraping the surface. Gaia would explode if I wrote EVERYTHING EVERYTHING ...EVERYTHING :'D
I'll edit this from time to time...Most probably to add on more things about myself -ego- :]
Enjoy <3
g a i a:
Well I guess I haven't told you much about my "Gaian Life" yet huh? (wow that sounds so dorky.)
On gaia people usually refer to me as Moo.
Well I've been a chibi artist for as long as I can remember, my first SUCCESSFUL shop was back in...'o5 ^-^ on my old account, within 2 months I managed to serve 56 customers (try as I may I find it impossible today >__>;; )
I doodled crappy mouse-drawings on my computer. They were really ugly, trust me xD
As an artist, I feel I've come a long way. My art started out the old traditional way, pencil paper, crappy scanner. A few months later I started drawing with my mouse :3 that was fun but I hardly earned any gold although I had over 50 commissions within 1½ months!! After I closed that shop I was given my very own tablet Tabby -thankyou grandpa<3-, I still use this tablet today it's probably the love of my life by now <3 xD
My art has changed rapidly over the odd 2 years I've had my tablet, somewhat for the better I hope xD
But I feel there is definitely more room for improvement :3
I'll have to make an art progression some day xDD

Favourite Artists: Wow there are soo many artists I admire and adore on gaia, some of them include: Yumedust, Synister, Frostings, ProdigyBombay, ippus, Nyome, there are way too many left to name x__x; but note that a lot of artists out there never cease to astound me :3

Think you've read enough about me yet?
Well I'll keep on writing in case you're still reading O:

F a c t s::
Real Name: Ashley Dawn .xx.
Age: 17
Gender: Fee-Male xD
Current Residence: Swee-duuun D:
Ethnicity: Taiwanese-Singaporean
Favourite Color(s) : Pink and Green
Loves: Noodles.Friends.Drawing.Singing.Golf.Reading
Dislikes: Brussel Sprouts.RudePeople.
Personality: Happy.RatherOptimistic.Random.
Books: I capture the castle. Harry Potter. Sense and Sensibility. The Kite Runner. and so many more D: <33

What else... My bestest friend (P i g g e e) I've known since kindergarten, that's like...14 years ago? o__Ô
well time flies. I'm not that hard to get to know if you really try, in the beginning I can come off as rather overwhelming (irl, I don't know how it works on Gaia though xD), I'm an only child which (according to my friends) makes me a Social Freak. I'm spoiled but it doesn't make me a snooty brat. I like being an only child though, I don't feel lonely at all since I'm always surrounded by people who care about me. Except when I'm sitting all by myself...But then I just pick up my phone and call someone whatever they may be doing :'D

My Ultimate goal in life is to go to Oxford xD
That should show you what kind of person I am.
I strive for what I want and I do it with my head held high. I'm not "Proud" in any way, unless I'm provoked.
I have always been brought up to be humble so that's what I try to be.
Education is always my #1 priority (that's why my commissions take so long 8D)
I'm in my 2'nd year of Junior College (next step is University) and the workload is getting heavier.
In a way it's killing me, I get about 5 hours of sleep/night :'D
I love to read which is why I have a lot to talk about sometimes. To me there's nothing better than to cuddle up in a nice comfy chair with a good book and a plate of cookies -drools-
I love to sing, I usually appear on stage for Christmas/Summer break at school, singing random songs by various artists. I'm not too serious about my "music career" though -chuckle- xD
I love to bake, cookies are my absolute favourite, and now I'm fat -__- /semi-joke xD
I love to DRAW, well okay I think you figured that out by now.
I know my about me section is really horrid and messy and nothing seems to link with what I just said PIE!
But I'll get to it some day :'D
I'm also a procrastinator. But I'm not that great of a procrastinator since it clashes with my tidyness I have to get certain things done anyway-

My family~~

2 pairs of Grandparents :'D
1 great grandmother :'D
One Aunt -Daddy's side

I'm very fond of my relatives, I live with both my parents. They're very caring. If one were to stereotype us I don't think we'd fit into any category.
I'm closer to my mother, but that's mostly because I'm more alike her in terms of personality. I was lucky enough to inherit 1/10'th of my father's brilliance though :'D Don't mess with him by the way, he's an old Tae Kwan Do master >__>;;
I was born in Sweden - did I mention that? xD
Somehow I was brought up speaking English at home.
Taiwanese/Mandarin with my grandparents.
Swedish at school.
French during classes.
People say "You're so smart but that's because you're asian"
but you know: A. I'M NOT SMART, I'm actually quite daft most of the time, but I talk a lot untill I confuse people which means they don't understand what I'm talking about anymore = "I'm smart" -pfft
B. What does "being Asian" have anything to do with being smart?! D: Asians may be intelligent. OH RIGHT AND why do people refer to SouthEastAsian people as "Asians" only, and say "no, Arabs are Middle-Easterners" and if you ask "Where is the Middld-East?" they go "....Between Europe and Asia" "NO IT'S IN ASIA" "But it's called the Middle-East so they're not Asian". It goes on but I'd explode if I wrote it all.
Intellgent is another thing though, but that's thanks to my father; I'd have none of it if I didn't have him D:

I'm not good at writing essays or commentary work we do in language classes. Anyone with any tips on how to improve? :'D
I always say "it has to do with having a wide selection og words and a good vocab," but we all know it isn't ALL true, it's like typing in Anglosaxicans always consume baker goods and pastry pre-midday okay that didn't even remotely make sense.
Sometimes I use words I don't know too well :'D
Like infamous, I thought I knew the meaning of it and went round saying "blablabla is Infamous" and people would be all "But..I don't know who that is!" and be like "Exactly, that's because he's Infamous!"...
you make an a** ouf of yoU and ME :3

Seriously have to edit the ABOUT ME section, now it's waay too cluttered
-clicks on Preview-
it's like my English essays biggrin
What's more annoying is the tiny gray writing I'm so addicted to using xD
Yaaay I have an annoying About me section and whoever reads this right now will most likely harvest the urge to shoot me :3

I'm quite mature for my age (when I need be), but I'm also really childish (I have a disturbed mind, don't worry I can control it :'D).
I've had the same stuffed toy (Lamb-Lamb) since I was 2 days old. She's very worn out but I still insist she rest next to me when I sleep. My favourite teddy bear is from Harrods <3

Hmmmm I'll add more later xD

And if I had to change anything in my life right now I'd rather not.

I'm really amazed if you had the patience to read through my entire "About Me" section and didn't just scroll down to the bottom, cheers!

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heart heart

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Happy Birthday hunny <33333

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yw (:

How are you?

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I've been rather busy and stressed out. x 3x

Aha, it's alright. My Saku must be quite busy!

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OmgniceProfile o: Who coded it ? + I spent 5 mins looking for the add comments button xP I sux XD

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Well, I don't think she's a huge fan of him, but she wants to see it because it's funny?

Aha yeah, that's what my other friend said too. It's a little over done.

It was okay in my opinion. It was funny, but the whole movie is basically about them sabotaging each other. I would think it would have more story to it.

It was still good. But not too great. I give it a B.

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I love your profile. :3

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Aw, it's adorable Saku! User Image User Image

Me too. They're really fun to see all the different shops. <3


Nope, I didn't see it. The last movie I saw was Bride Wars.

Ah, really? My friend wanted to see it. I guess I'd advise her not to see it then?

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Yeah, It is. I went on a total art spree and didn't realize how much gold I was losing. User Image

Lol yup. Just save gold to spend more gold.

Hehe. Well you're busy with life so it's alright. <3

Ah, that's good. The socks are safe!

Eeep! How much did it cost?


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