My name is Tia

I'm 19

Been on Gaia since 06

Favorite color is Green

Favorite shade is Black

Likes Classical, J-pop, J-rock, Indy Rock, Metal, Pop (very rare), Rap (extremely rare), Country, Classical Rock music

Violence isn't the answer

I'm nice to those I chose to be, don't like people hugging me cause of my name... Odds are you will be slapped

If your going to talk to me, make an attempt to make a conversation, don't try and only make small talk its kinda annoying

Yeah I make small talk from time to time but ts only when I'm being goofy.

which is 50% of the time

Yeah, I have facebook, no myspace though was deleted 06/28/10 due to not being used ever.

No, will not add you to my facebook just so I can get your spam on my wall, or my update. Only people I care for can do that.

I am Taken! and love him with all my heart so back off even if you do like my personality.

No, he's not on gaia, he's not into stuff like this... that I know of...

I'm not the smartest apple off the tree, I am wise as hell, when the time calls for it.

Don't like people trying to push things on me, like there Religious views on me.

I'm for "the good you do onto the world" kinda crap

Kinda a new age hippy.... ._.

No, I don't do drugs.

They are bad for you. Despite what people say All drugs are bad. Only the ones given by a doctor to take pain away from people are ok. But even those are bad.

I don't drink either.

Nor do I smoke

<-- kinda healthy in rl but eats fast food all the time..

No, not fat. Skinny as hell in fact.

Yeah, you can see my rl picture. Only if your one of my friends that I have known for a year on gaia!

If I'm sitting in the towns, means I'm watching the chat. I like to do that to see if there is anything going on in the world other then girls trying to cyber ******** ever guy they see on Gaia.

45% of the time that is the case...

See me? Talk to me? maybe? No hugging... maybe...

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