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Report | 05/24/2017 4:21 pm


I don't know, but the first half won't be out now until 2k18 from the hints of things. D<
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Report | 05/22/2017 6:04 am

Little Kadaj

no a cloud body pillow is considered HUBBA HUBBA COUGH COUGH emotion_awesome *casually closes bedroom door* i drew another one this morning, its on dA under my kh acc ninja .........................................

thanks so muchhhhh ;u;~~~~ heart lol breaking aerith's church benches rofl well that was mostly loz's fault anyway tho
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Report | 05/22/2017 5:23 am

Sora with Wings

but i feel like it'd proooooolly look better on him than me, right? sweatdrop
i like dark mode
and kh2
dont tell him i said so but i think he looks dippy walking around blindfolded rofl
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Report | 05/21/2017 6:12 pm


I am. I hope they keep it more or less the same though. Me and change do not do so well.

How about you?
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Report | 05/20/2017 3:35 pm


It's sad that the parodies are dying out / are no fun for the creators any more, I think they're great.
It show cases their talents and gives us something to crack up over.

I'm glad team 4 star is still around and hopefully having fun doing what they do, but I do miss all their individual projects more.
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Report | 05/20/2017 5:17 am

Sora with Wings

omg! the x-potion turned him into axel! o.o
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Report | 05/20/2017 5:05 am

Little Kadaj

throwing a church bench rofl

User Image

yusterdaaaayyyyyy ^

we made a pact that i would try to work on the self esteem things if he'd work on the anxieety things and we talked a long time and then i drew that and was like "ah... i actually don't even hate i---WHATS WRONG WITH HIS CHIN OMG scream " ................but yeh, it was still an improvement. gaia_kittenstar emotion_sweatdrop -casually blows up that stalker with materia-

to be honest i stopped enjoying fanart after i started drawing my own cuz now that i was drawing it too everybody else suddenly became "competition". but the crazy thing is, i dont just get jealous of those super fancy "omg i went to art college derp this is so easy derp just did this in 15 mins derp" stupid... stare but i even get jealous of people who draw the most awful crappy noobish things because they put them in their signatures or whatever and are liek "i drew this :B" and then like, i do things that "look better" if u wanna say that but hate them so much i throw them away. like what i want is not to 'draw better' like those fancy people but to just be HAPPY with my stuff and not hate it anymore.

i dont think there is a "better than" with art. acting like perfect digital anime and photograph realism are supposed to be everyone's goal makes me wanna wave picasso around in everyone's faces screaming EVERYTHING IS ART, PEOPLE!! EVERYTHING!!!
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Report | 05/18/2017 3:57 pm


I've not watched the abridged series in ages, but it was fun, even his weird songs about his leather pants. Those still make me crack up. Now I can't hear the original if they have it on the radio with out hearing those versions of the songs.

I'm glad someone's still around making parodies. Lani stopped YYHA, and the one that did VEAS completed that series.
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Report | 05/18/2017 3:05 pm

Sora with Wings

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Report | 05/18/2017 3:04 pm

Sora with Wings

-looks around for it-
makin me look like a dang foo'
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Report | 05/18/2017 2:42 pm

Little Kadaj

also stupidass sora is all "i'mm end a request!" and I'm 99% sure I FORGOT TO DO THAT. I MEAN HE DID, HE FORGOT TO DO THAT. CUZ HE'S STUPID BUT I'M TOTALLY NOT. ninja
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Report | 05/18/2017 2:41 pm

Little Kadaj

the da dannycam is the first account i made, and i USED to be really active and had a lot of watchers....and there is a lot of strife between ff7 and kh, and people who liked the popular ff7 had no idea what xs was, etc, so i had people who only watched me because they were interested in particular thing and all the rest was kinda just spam, or they'd be like "why don't u do ___ anymore, murrr" so i decided to separate them, so people can watch whatever they like best, if they ONLY like ff7 they can just only watch that one acc. but if someone just wants to watch me in general and not watch a dozen accounts, then they could just watch the main, and i was doing a thing where every month i put up a journal with all the stuff i'd uploaded on all the other accounts, so you could keep up with all of them by just watching the main

but i had a bit of a crash a while back and stopped doing...anything....there....

i haven't done a journal lately to show my new crap....

i wish art didn't make me feel so depressed :/ i think the main reason i drew so much bck then was i couldn't wait to see the comments people would leave and see how happy the pictures made everyone. lately i just get "neutral" comments. like "ok." comments that mean nothing. they're not mean, not trolling, just... nothing. i get the notification for it and run to see what it is and it's nothing. i dont' get the excited positive comments anymore. there was someone watching my ygo acc and they used to leave big nice comments.....but then i saw on their profile it was a "goal" they had to leave 100 comments so THAT was their motivation, not because "my art was so ____ that they just had to take a moment to say so" they were just leaving comments to work towards that goal, i was just a number on a list to them. and that was disappointing, and then they had a death in the family and went into mourning and left da for months so NO ONE was commetning and yeah.... all the people who used to watch me back in the day, they all left, just like everyone on gaia. it's just an empty silent place for me now. i had a lot of friends/etc when i was into that horse art thing, but i felt like where my heart really belonged was in fanart so i went back to that....and of course nobody from the other place kept up with me after i left and yeah.... i just feel lonely and forgotten on da now.

and then i feel AWFUL because i really just wanted the compliments. -___- and then i feel like i'm trash because i'm not drawing for FUN, just doing it to hear nice things from people, and u shouldn't need people complimenting u 24/7 just to feel good about urself and then just give up everything when people don't shower u in compliments. and then i start hating myself. and yeah.

i wish i could draw again but there is just too much emotional stupidity right now, it's just a big solid barrier. -_-

lately i haven't had much trouble with people saying negative things to me. it's not as bad on gaia as it was back in the day. some of the stuff people did say that i didn't like to hear, after i thought about it, usually i could see how they probably just meant that as a joke/weren't being mean on purpose/i just perceived it that way, etc. but just... i have this stupid "life of the party" libra personality and i like to make people laugh and whatever and to just be ignored or only get neutral responses brings me down, and makes me hate my personality and yeah.

i suppose i won't be able to draw again until i get over the self-hate.
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Report | 05/17/2017 4:56 pm

Sora with Wings

tifaaaaaa~~ did u ever find OMG CAPCHA!? WHY IS CAPCHA!? ;A; -sends friend request- >n<
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Report | 05/17/2017 4:19 pm


Seen you commenting Kadaj, seen you watched the Yugioh abridged. Ever watch any of their other things? ( YYHA / VEAS ) ?
If not, I recommend it.
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Report | 05/17/2017 4:06 pm

Little Kadaj

buhdur which one was it? sweatdrop on my main acc (dannycam) i used to have like hundreds of favs on certain things, but then i went through this crisis and lost ALL confidence in my art and put everything in storage.....for my 10 year anniversary ( 6.6.2006 - 6.6.2016 ) i brought them all back out to celebrate aaaand dA had...reset...all the favs...to 0 .... :'c .......... lately i hate everything to do...and when i do actually like something (i like the one on my xs acc of albedo/wilhelm) NOBODY COMMENTS/FAVS and then i feel like "well it must be awful, no one liked it ;;" and just omg v.v;;;;;; i used to draw all the time, scribbling crap every day, constantly uploading, and ppl would lol over it and and life was good....then at some point, just, nothing felt "good enough" anymore :/ mostly because i just feel like i could do better if it just had the oppurtunity, had those fancy pencils, had those fancy tablets, had those fancy programs..... v.v;;;;;;; right now i dont have a scanner and the digital camera we have, it just....it takes nice photographs but it won't take a picture of a paper drawing for beans. :'c so i kinda just...put all srs art on hold until a scanner can be obtained vv;;; the scribbles i put on my ff7 acc is all i'm doing lately.....

and i admit shion made me hate her by the time the story ended but her x kosmos is a nice girl/girl pairing. kosmos is like the only female character i actrually truly LIKE, i think she's cool. she's ok with chaos but i can also see mary as being his sister or his mother and that puts an interesting twist on things.

mon lieks~
canaan/jr otp emotion_kirakira heart
jr/chaos was my first xs pairing :'3
i used to like canaan/jin but not so much lately, they'd never open up to each other/it wouldn't happen rofl
did a comic once for canaan x scott
i used to pair wilhelm/canaan until i found out wilhelm is his father emotion_awesome ;;;;;;;;;;; OOPS~ but once i found out they had that connection I like them that way better!
i would prolly like ziggy/lactis if i knew more about them/cared more about ziggy lD;;;;;

i drew
a comic
that paired up
wilhelm x that guy who discovered the zohar emotion_awesome and it was gonna be glorious but like all my comics it ate me alive and i died in a pile of "this story is too long/complex i cant possibly draw all this crap" -headdesk- ;___; ...... but it was gonna be great. gave explanations for a lot of the missing stuff/plot holes in the games. >n<
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Report | 05/17/2017 2:02 pm

Little Kadaj

also, also
i has long other list
of XENOSAGA pairings emotion_dowant heart
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Report | 05/17/2017 1:43 pm

Little Kadaj

:0 i didnt really notice that reno had changed...but ff7 is kinda like chats online, u have to read everything so u can't hear the tone of voice. it's too bad the "zoto" thing couldn't be translated into the english version, like at least have him say "dude" or "yo" or "bro" or something, cuz i noticed in japanese version when tifa answers the phone she's liek "oh I remember you zoto" and gives a hint of who is on the phone but in english well u have no idea.

and erm. :l ;;;;;; well.... the da, hmm.... :l ;;;;; -shoves it under the bed- v.v

main is dannycam.deviantart.com
riku puts his stuff on there too sometimes, he does the fanfics/poems/photos/e.e;;;.........

i LOVED the riku/sora parts of ddd. i want to make a gift of the part where they like, they can see each other but are just holograms? and riku tries to poke sora on the nose and is all 'magawsh he's not real' and i'm like WHAT WOULD U HAVE DONE IF HE REACTED??? rofl hurrr hurrr sora did u know riku pokes ur nose when he knows u won't feel it / know about it? emotion_awesome
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Report | 05/17/2017 11:20 am

Little Kadaj

it said u updated ur pro so i came to see and noticed i kinda spammed all the heck outta ur pro, sorry sweatdrop maybe i should um, pm u... cuz "learning to not talk so much" just doesn't work for me. crying
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Report | 05/16/2017 4:40 am

Little Kadaj

-second half was this-

he also did a ficlet where riku gets sora's cards from chain of memories while sora is asleep in the egg-thingy, and he accidentally summons cloud -- again, leaving out details cuz letter limit. he didn't finish it tho and then dA went all OH. EM. GEE. U PAIRED A MINOR WITH AN ADULT. U ARE SATAN INCARNATE and he stopped writing it. >.<

we did an rp for a story he was too lazy to write that is demyx x marluxia and i luff it. 4laugh they are the rebels of the organization. they fit perfectly.

365/2 Days made axel/saix look interesting but it's hard for me to get into that cuz kh2 had NO evidence of them EVER being friends so it feels shoehorned and awkward for me lol. i always liked xemnas x saix. i also like roxas/riku, especially when it's built on sora/riku first, and then when roxas/sora merge they're BOTH with riku. emotion_dowant 2 for da price of 1.

i used to like cloud x leon but um....when i had my old cloud acc i had a bit of a falling out with my leon cosplayer/rp partner and... well it's hard to think of that without remembering all those sad things :'c

roxas/hayner or roxas/seifer was cute until 365/2 Days revealed HE NEVER ACTUALLY REALLY KNEW THOSE PEOPLE. soooo.... i guess its still cute in a "this is a virtual town and none of this is really happening" kind of way.... -punts disappointing game ugh- I wanted Days to show why Seifer hated Roxas but noooo!! xion this, xion that, blah blah letter limit.

there arent any girls in kh that i actually like except namine so the only straight pairing i sorta like is namine x replica. which crashes and burns but oh the beautiful angsty heartache. bring on the sad songs, plz.

ff7faves is kadaj x cloud, kadaj x tseng, tseng x cloud, and zack x cloud. gaia_kittenstar considering merging my tseng/cloud x tseng/kadaj x kadaj/cloud into a 3-way fufu~

but i could prolly accept kadaj x rufus because of those....awkward...scenes....they have together.... rofl and i could tolerate seph x genesis if i manage to get over the fact that genesis is really just gackt in a sephiroth costume.

also i ship red xiii with that mysterious wolf in ac emotion_awesome
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Report | 05/16/2017 4:40 am

Little Kadaj

-digs in bottomless trunk, pulls out endless list, sits with feather pen and legs crossed- LET'S SEE HUR.

**edit: -STABS GAIA-

sora/riku is first because that is the most beautifulest story even if u wanna say theyr'e actually straight, it doesn't matter, their bond is adorable.

i like axel/roxas but... dA changed their tos so that you can't portray adult x minor in a romantic/sexual way under any circumstances, u can't even age up a kid character and make them an adult and if they are shown as an adult but most of the story they were normally kids then they are still considered kids, etc (so even if u are showing adult x adult, it's still "wrong" cuz one of them was "originally a kid" and just wtf? WE WERE *** ALL *** KIDS AT SOME POINT!!! does that make ALL relationships ***** cuz we all USED to be kids!? ), so now i feel like liking axel/roxas makes me some kind of perverted weirdo. i agree i dont wanna see a 50 year old guy in love with a 4 year old girl but these days people make it sound like even late teens x early 20s is *****. it just makes me uncomfortable now. in my opinion it's only "peodphilia" if the child has NOT developed sexual characteristics yet. age is just a number, seriously. i googled how to physically tell if someone is an adult and it said it's impossible to tell, there is no difference between teens and adults. if NATURE gave u the ability to reproduce then by NATURE ur not doing anything weird. we are designed to be attracted to those characteristics like a deep voice/muscles in guys and boobs/hips in girls etc etc so if the person has those natural characteristics then it's normal to be attracted to them. but if the kid does not have those parts developed then yes, that's an abomination. the only problem irl is they are not mentally/emotionally mature yet, but again, u don't magically become mature exactly when u turn 18 and some ppl grow up early and some never ever do. actually if u wanna not date until u are emotionally mature no one should date until they are 30. anyway people just make me feel like some kinda sicko so i've been avoiding that pairing lately. v__v

anyway aside from that the rest are:

roxas x riku replica is my second fav emotion_kirakira sora's nobody / riku's replica, it is luff heart

pancake wrote a fanfic of replica x zexion that made them the most perfect and adorable pairing ever, wont get into the details unless you ask cuz letter limits are stupid. -forces self to shut up- anyway DDD messed up his story when it came out, i tried to draw a comic version based on the new game/plot and it didn't work anymore, it had to be in that specific context to work. but IN that context, it was just perfect.

-first half was this-
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