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Report | 05/28/2018 2:43 pm

Sora with Wings

:'c i'm not really into it anymore either, there's just a variety of useful purposes for the guilds feature and that's all i do anymore ;;" too busy drawin.
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Report | 05/22/2018 4:09 am

Sora with Wings

*visits* o3o
do u still exist?
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Report | 08/04/2017 3:04 pm

Little Kadaj

you! i've been on my other acc lately and like i don't have u added on there and like so i haven't talked to u in ages and like i drew things and u was the one i showed my things to and like

i got on with this acc cuz i couldn't remember ur name, i was like, "who was that tifa girl from the guild?" and like

i signed in here just to find u

and then realized i had OTHER people talking to me here and omg! i forgot all about them! i'm so terrible! ah! ;A; *punishes self*
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Report | 07/08/2017 10:19 am

Little Kadaj

crayon stick-figure mai, lololol
riku/ my cloudy wrote a story based on a picture i was gonna draw but never did pointing out how when all the other kids get in trouble at school and have their parents called in for a meeting, mokuba has to have his brought come lol

and yeh ur comment says 3 am!!! D: we stayed till midnight hoping to catch anyone who came late but ;n; gosh!
i was supposed to be up early this morning and be there all day today in case anyone came ;;
but i didn't get up till ilke 1pm crying

thanks so much for the present *puts screenshot in guild* :'3 heart
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Report | 07/07/2017 6:39 am

Little Kadaj



yeah, the ending was too fast i think. for one thing, did kaiba drop out? i mean wasn't he in their class? i don't know if he was in the manga, but in the anime verison he definitely was because that's how he met them! it's like they needed him in class with them just so the series could start then totally forgot about it lol.

logically though he really should have graduated early if he was that smart and stuff so i guess he wouldn't have been at the graduation anyway.

but also, when it showed tea leaving on the plane, i thought it was gonna do liek a montage of all the characters after school and how they all went their own way etc. it's like they started to with her, then was like "nah let's just get on with it" and skipped the rest.

the only person who seemed to be missing was mai. since the manga writer wrote it, i don't expect pegasus to show up since he died in the manga even tho he lived in the anime. and since he wrote it they all felt more like their real true selves. like i donno about japanese anime but in english anime kaiba doesn't believe in magic and he doesn't believe yugi has an alternate self, etc etc, and in the manga he does. so it was nice to see him acting the way he's supposed to act in the manga altho if u only seen english version it must have thrown people off lol! cuz they kept the voices but went back to the manga plot so ppl be liek "wah??? but kaiba doesn't believe in any of that stuff!" rofl and bakura was actually important in the manga, but the anime like threw him out for some silly reason, and i was happy to see bits from teh manga like how all the girls love him etc that the anime didn't bother with. 3nodding and they even tried really hard to make yami bakura be there even though it didn't make any sense rofl i loved the flashback of baby yami bakura even though that's not how ryo got the ring in the manga, and as for him like, i guess trying to resurrect at the end, i'm pretty sure he can't cuz he's not in the ring anymore just like atem's not in the puzzle..... buuuuuut if atem could use the puzzle to come back just temporarily i guess zorc could use the ring to come back just for a last scratch at world domination lol. but they seemed kinda vague about if that was really him or not but that's how that character always is, so vague/confusing that you have no idea what's going on! lols. but i liked how it felt like, just another generic made up villain like anubis and whatever but then surprise the actual real origianl villain made an appearance at the end. or at least implied or felt like it was him, etc. little yami b tho! aw!

*rants on about it all day*
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Report | 07/05/2017 8:18 pm

Little Kadaj

i was afraid i would go over the letter limit so i went ahead and sent what i had typed and started a new comment
anyway we got into ygo again
cuz like
well i guess ygo is still going
but OUR series with the characters WE liked, is over
and we went to wal mart at midnight to get dark side of dimensions the moment it was available
made the stock lady dig it outta the back lol
and that was fun cuz like
when everyone is all on about the new movie, we can say yeah we got it! etc
and it was really awesome and i loved it much
i was not disappointed at all whatsoever
and like it was fun to be included :/ when everyone else is all on about the newest whatever, we could actually be a part of that

and with kh3 and the ff7 remake, we'll just be on the outside watching everyone else have fun with it and that sucks

i also kinda miss xenosga, not really for the actual game so much but for the way it's completely done, it will not be getting remakes or sequels, it's over. anyone who played it played the same game we did, not some remade version or some final mix version or whatever,a nd will have the same experiences and the same memories. like, ppl who played xs3 first, and then went back and played the others, still can relate to us where as ppl who played birth by sleep first and then went back to play the rest of kh, just never will cuz bbs changed the story but ppl who started with bbs don't realize that. it's what they payed first so that' sjust how the series is to them. if u play xs out of order at least it's still the same story. they didnt' derail off into something else and be all "oh this guy isn't the main character anymre these ppl are and this isn't how things go anymore it's like this now" and just.

so it's sad but :/
i feel like ff7/kh are both gonna have to go in a pile of "i like these things but can't talk about them with other fans."

and sucks because my kadaj and my sora are the accounts i put the most effort into
u can see how this disappoints me to have to just quit on them because i'm tired of everyone else just going on about the new this and the new that

i don't have any xs accounts but riku still has his canaan and says he'll never give him up

we been on our ygo accs lately and that is fun. it's been nice. not made any new friends there yet tho, just have who i carried over from sora's acc, and like... i donno... things are stupid lately v.v been hiding with verythig on freinds only avoiding everyone...

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Report | 07/05/2017 8:13 pm

Little Kadaj

oh well is k cuz i haven't been on this acc sweatdrop and not on sora either but i think when i came back to move all my frinds to where i been hiding i think u weren't around so u didn't get brought over. i been wondering where u were. ;n; *gathers and snuggles*

and ty ;u; heart

and things have been stupid

but me and riku is marryin up my kadaj with his cloud on 7/7/2017 so it seemed like a good time to come back to gaia with this acc and like. i would like to, like. cuz the ff7 remake is about like kh3 for me. it's all anyone ever wants to talk about, i expect it to just be disappointing, and even if it's really super cool i wont be able to play it and will have to just watch someone else play it on youtube, and after it comes out there will be a whoel bunch of new fans who get into ff7 through the new stuff and will never know the old one and i'll be just like kh with everyone u talk to played the new one and i played the old one and just, ugh.

so i just, i can't get much into ff7 right now.

i would like to, like
remember what it was originally that i so loved about this character
cuz in the beginning i only had the movie and it was like a ocuple years before i could finally play the game cuz it was so hard to come by, since i twas so old
nad like there was a point in my life where the movie was enough for me and all i needed
and i wish i could just, go back to those days :/

but i'm afraid ff7 is about to turn into kh all over again and will become someting that me/riku gotta just enjoy by ourselves and have to like, avoid other fans of it, cuz all they wanna do is rattle about the new thing
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Report | 07/05/2017 6:47 pm

Little Kadaj

omg i'm sorry i didn't come back to see ur nice compliment about my art pic for like 2 months omg *horrible terrible person* omg
thanks so much ;x;
i forgot about that pic until i saw ur comment >.>;;;;;
*sweeps up shot glass pieces* ;///;
thanks so much ;w;
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Report | 06/17/2017 10:44 am


Hey there 8D, yeah this reply is years late but you're a Tifa now XD. Nice avi. Lost the email for this account, had to get gaia to put a new one and had to reset my PW.
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Report | 06/15/2017 3:52 am

Sora with Wings

i like how he is still scarred by things in DDD but that was about the ONLY thing i cared about. kh is getting silly. classes to weirld keyblades??/ back to "only one master allowed" but they ened SEVEN PEOPE!?!? WHY DO THEY NEED ******SEVEN ******* PEOPLE ******* BUT RIKU HAS TO BE THE KEYBLADE MASTER AND SORA ISN'T????? it's just stupid these days....... it's jsut not even the same story anymore, it started out with a random boy and "u are the chosen one, here is world's most powerful weapon and only u can have it" and now it's not even, it is NOT that story anymore!! now it's "oh u were suposed to go to somes chool and learn to use that, but it picked u by accident, and we're writing a diff story now just roll with it"

but ppl who picked up with BBS think this is just how things go and they just accept everything and i'm like THIS!! IS!!! NOT!!! WHAT!! HAPPENED!! IN!!! KH1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*several deep breaths*

riku says we should ditch kh and go back to xenosaga :'c cuz it's not getting sequels/remakes/it'll always be the same/ppl who played it played it the way WE did and have the same memories.... but i hate to give up kh just cuz of something like this :/ like i want to just only carea bout the 2007 version and if other ppl want to do whatever then other ppl can do wahtever
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Report | 06/14/2017 6:56 am


wow wow i spot a tifa stalking my profile surprised watup
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Report | 06/14/2017 5:40 am

Sora with Wings

well i donno all the names of all the kh songs and not really sure i actually heard them all but >.>;;; i love riku's theme ;3; i think it really fits him, it feels like the bittersweetness of growing up and lessons learned the hard way and stuff >.< and the intros are nice and traverse town ;n; "
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Report | 06/13/2017 5:17 am

Sora with Wings

weeeeellll in high school i liked the beatles but dun really listen to them much now. i like bowling for soup, green day and the killers. and i guess i like daughtry cuz i listend to something of theirs on youtube and it went off on auto-play for like the whole rest of the evening and liked pretty much everything that came up >.> and um... i like a lot of nicklebacks' songs but u get made fun if u say u like them rofl and um um... i have a lot of lifehouse songs i like and um um >u>.... i used to like love like everything garth brooks did but he's all OMG THOU SHALT NOT HAVE MY SONGS ON YOUTUBE!!!!! sooooo i havent heard his things in so long omg... cuz i usually listen on youtube.... i had a buncha his cd's n gave them to my sister cuz i didn't use cd's much anymore and now i wish i had them back cuz u can't find his stuf fon youtube unless they're covered. which is like...really annoying when u wanna show the song to someone, u know???? i like just linking ppl and being like I LUV DIS YO *shoves songs at ppl* ummmm.... there's prolly others but i always tended to not pay attention to band names when i listend to songs cuz used to be i would just LOVE one or two songs but someone but hate everything else the did, and all my fav songs were different people. but now lately i'm noticing that a lot of my favs are the same people.

in country land i liked a lot of toby keith's older stuff, and clint black, and um... well lots of things. rofl i can't say i like x band or x genre or x year because i like some stuff that is brand new, and stuff that is old as creation. i like a lot of the statler brothers stuff. and theres some japanese songs i like too. i remember i rly rly rly liked some of the credits songs for Soul Eater but been so long now i have forgotten waht they were or why D8 *must find them again and relive the luv* and as far as instrumental goes i usually only like movie songs.... POTC/LOTR/indiana jones has some of my favs and that song that was on the alien resurrection trailer but not actually in the movie. *rants on and on* but i never got into classical ;n; or jazz. but i cant REALLY say i hate rap cuz there is some rappy bits in some of linkin park's songs and i do like that thing about time goes by as the pendulum swings e3e;;;;;
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Report | 06/11/2017 11:43 am

Sora with Wings

*punts creepers* I DID A NEW PICTURE TODAY *goes to find it*
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Report | 06/10/2017 6:30 am

Sora with Wings

riku x roxas is cute but dun tell riku/roxas i said that >.> *pigs riku to self*
and tytytytytytytytyytyyyyyyy heart
also that's creepy about the creeper who was creepin on you o_o; *chases him away with keyblade*
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Report | 06/09/2017 11:45 am

Sora with Wings

*shoves new dA at chu*
i only have two words:
go see go seee D: *wiggles*
i would ask how the con was but u already put in ur status that it was fun rofl
but tell about it anyway if u want rofl heart
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Report | 06/09/2017 8:09 am

Cloud R Strife

Exactly! It was something totally different that made it work so well. smile
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Report | 05/28/2017 12:05 pm

Cloud R Strife

Shadow Hearts? Didn't think anyone knew of the series eek
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Report | 05/25/2017 4:24 pm

Sora with Wings

what is this of u going on hiatus!? crying i was going to shove my newest art at you emo

i want a kosmos poster :'c but

my xs3 strat guide game with telos instead so she's on da wall cuz she's the reason i got the game (as in, i saw her on the cover of the guide and was like hmmmm so i stopped and looked at it and really liked the art so i got all 3 games just for the friggen art/graphcis in xs3 sweatdrop luckily the story turned out to be AWESOME) xs1 came with silly shion and i don't like her enough to have her on my wall >_> and xs2 i think has shion as well, but i think swimsuit kosmos is on the back of it, but i think there was lettering on her like a timeline or something printed on it >.< so anyway just the telos on da wall, and the poster of cloud carrying kadaj emotion_kirakira
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Report | 05/25/2017 8:25 am

Sora with Wings

*wiggles down da red carpet* emotion_awesome
yuffie??? oh come onnnnn
chu's gots the boobs, chu's should be KOS-MOS! heart
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