You may call me Monopuu, my username. You may call me Invy or Melly, even. My interests are pretty much anything and everything out of the norm. I support the imagination and her inhabitants, I oh so love art in every aspect. I do not like followers or ignorant trouts. I like leaders and people who have a mind of their own. There's not much too say about me, I am who I am. That will not change for no one or nothing.

Music: Massive Attack, Bjork, Tricky, Florence and the Machine, Kerli, Emilie Simon, Emilie Autumn, Origa, Bats for Lashes and many many more. Basically, music that can take me to places in my mind, never seen. What I call real music is music that takes me on an adventure that only I can know.

Stories: Dark mysteries, sci-fi, horror, fantasy and romance. I like many genre's really, whether it's manga or books. Yaoi and yuri are great too, sometimes it seems more intense and passionate than that of heterosexual relationships. No offense intended.

Art: A big thing I like to do is draw and experiment. Create things while listening to my oh-so adventurous music. Ah, the places I've seen.

Friends: I wish to make friends with sophisticated and creative individuals who really know how to distinguish themselves. I like the proud and strong, I like the fierce and dramatic, oh, how I love those who bring theatre to life.~