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Location: Just off the coast of HELL.

Birthday: 07/02/1992

Occupation: Hater. I hate proffesionally.

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19y-o Californian college student.


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Lilu_Teus Report | 07/26/2014 11:48 pm
oh mi gosh! you are so damn dapper~ *fluffs your hair gently with fingers* <3
Midnight Possession Report | 07/02/2011 11:14 am
Thank you very much Mr.Monochrome! mrgreen
Midnight Possession Report | 07/02/2011 12:33 am
Happy Birthday Mr.Monochrome!!! gues what? we have the same birthdays! xD
Midnight Possession Report | 06/26/2011 1:12 pm
well, i am feeling a bit sleepy. =__= wish i had a nap time.
Midnight Possession Report | 06/24/2011 6:57 pm
Hi Mr. monochrome.How have you been lately?
xxZOMBIEmurdererxx Report | 05/29/2011 11:04 pm
i do not fuking know i do random stuff.
l o r d VOMIT f a c e Report | 09/17/2010 7:38 pm
LOLL. i wouldn't "date" anyone online in general. lmfaaao. xP
l o r d VOMIT f a c e Report | 09/05/2010 10:18 am
unfortunate looking? o.o
please, do explain.
l o r d VOMIT f a c e Report | 09/05/2010 9:35 am
No, they aren't all dudes. XDDDD


but most are. D:

oh noez....
i didn't notice that til now LOL.
l o r d VOMIT f a c e Report | 09/04/2010 3:56 pm
Haha indeed.
and i accept them all xP