Monica Lin|Taken|Kentucky|
I'm very blunt and opinionated. I'm not afraid to speak my mind at all.
I talk to my friends on MSN and facebook im.
I'm not a b***h I promise I just tend to come off that way sometimes.
Also, I'm a sweetheart but don't try to take advantage of that; it won't work.
I'm a bit of a gamer. RPGs are my forte.
Final Fantasy stole my heart at a very young age.
I have an xbox 360 but until I get a wireless adapter for it, I can't play on live
Bioware is prolly my favorite gaming company other than Square (:
So yes, it all boils down to, I'm a nerd♥
If you read this hooray for you.
Mentioning something you read off my page will get your points with me I promise
Wanna know anything else? Just feel free to chat me up.