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i sit and i watch while the others play i sit as the the day wastes away.I wonder why i dont get up and talk to them but all i do is sit.

I try to fiix the tear in my heart but all you do is open it back up further .I try to forget What we had. But how can, The meaning you will never forget first love is the one meaning i truly regret discovering

A whisper in my ear used to make me laugh A walk down the street would forever last A kiss placed apon my cheek would make me smile A talk in the park could do awile A friend he was when i needed one most My best friend he will always be forever most.

you tell me somthing a connot bear my lips freeze with shock it kills me to know this, but in my heart i know its true the sock of this is killing me more and more every day! why did this have to happen? Death

my buddy my pal my bff we hang out you say youll always be here for me i turn around for a split second and u sit there and talk all that trash you call me a loser,a creep, a junky, a brat,even a worthless peice of crap. the backstabber!!!

Live day by day, hour by hour, muinute by muinute, speak as if its your last breath, taste like you havent eatin in days, Hear no gossip for u may go deaf before you know the truth look beond the apperence for it could be the lord himself

what could have been could have been, what would have been would have been, what had to be had to be, whats to come will come, whats then was then, whats there is there, whats here is here, what may be may be, but what you see isnt me!