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Total Value: 2,231,897 Gold
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Blade's White Boots
Supernatural Arsenal
Black Glamrock Belt
Nano-C 2nd Gen
Amorous Knight Isis
Compass of Seidh 7th Gen
SDPlus #125 Beghilos


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Elizabeth Ashworth Report | 07/31/2011 6:13 pm
Elizabeth Ashworth
No 3 blisters on my finger, its red and burns like hell
The White Duke of Death Report | 07/29/2011 3:22 pm
The White Duke of Death
The White Duke of Death Report | 07/29/2011 3:13 pm
The White Duke of Death
Thing, i can easily make for under a mil. But a good war machine under 1 mil is near impossible
Traci Thirteen Report | 07/17/2011 10:32 am
Traci Thirteen
heart *Blows kisses* heart
Traci Thirteen Report | 07/12/2011 6:42 pm
Traci Thirteen
heart *whistles* whee
Kristov Kruger Report | 06/21/2011 12:09 pm
Kristov Kruger
thank you lol
Kristov Kruger Report | 06/20/2011 7:33 pm
Kristov Kruger
the heads yes, but the bodies no >_>
Project Batman Beyond Report | 06/20/2011 7:01 pm
Project Batman Beyond
Kristov Kruger Report | 06/20/2011 2:22 pm
Kristov Kruger
never played that game before lol. which bad guy?
Kristov Kruger Report | 06/20/2011 7:27 am
Kristov Kruger
lol ok

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Mon-El DCU

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Birthday: 09/18


Flashpoint Reality

Mon-El in the Flashpoint reality was taken away from his home planet Daxam at a young age with several other Daxamites by the leader of the Lantern Corps Krona.Since his kidnapping,Krona had raised Mon-El and his fellow daxamites as an obedient elite fighting force of the Lantern Corp.After reaching a certain age,they were given their rings,which were used to reprogram their minds by Krona to obey only his orders.After becoming head of the Unit,Mon-El was made host to the Ion entity and is Krona's right hand man,and head of the special Lantern elite division known as the Corpse.The Corpse as of now consist of Mon-El and his fellow daxamites.Mon-El in this reality is a brutal leader,having never met Superman or his fiancee Traci,and has no history with the Legion.

Real Name
Lar Gand

Current Alias

Previous Aliases:Valor,M'Onel,Johnathan Kent,Marvel Lad

Jonathan Kent



Justice League of America, Legion of Super-Heroes, Wanderers, Science Police


Base Of Operations
Justice League Watch Tower


6' 2"

200 lbs (91 kg)




Marital Status
Engaged to Traci Thirteen

Pre-Crisis Origin of Mon-El
When Superman was still just young Clark Kent, a rocket containing a boy with powers much like his own crash landed in Smallville. The boy awoke with no memories of who he was, but he spoke Kryptonese. Believing he was a survivor of Krypton like himself, Clark gave him the name Mon-El. For almost a week, Superboy felt like he had met a long lost brother, but when Mon-El was exposed to lead he collapsed in pain and his memories returned. Mon-El explained to Clark that he was from the planet Daxam. Clark found out that unlike Kryptonite poisoning, lead poisoning could not be reversed. Clark placed Mon-El in the Phantom Zone until he could find a cure for him. Clark never found a cure but in the future Brainiac 5 is the one who finds a cure and releases Mon-El from the Phantom Zone.

Mon-el worked with the Legion of Superheroes in the 31st century and began a romantic relationship with fellow Legionnaire Shadow Lass and even served some time as leader.
But as are most things with the Legion, these events may have already un-happened, as the present is constantly shifting the future.

In pre-crisis continuity the planet Daxam is home to Kryptonians who left Krypton to explore the universe. Before leaving, the Eradicator altered their genome so that they would be fatally vulnerable to lead (the Eradicator later altered all Kryptonians to be unabe to even leave Krypton). Because of their Kryptonian physiology, all Daxamites possess similar powers to Superman while under a yellow sun.

The Daxamites were later re-booted to be a technologically advanced xenophobic society.

Post-Zero Hour Dominator Invasion of Earth
The Daxamites were part of an alien invasion of Earth, led by the Dominators. Lar Gand's father was part of that invasion until he was convinced by Superman to call of the attack. The Daxamites rallied to Earth's aid instead and forced the Dominators to withdraw. Lar discovered that the Dominators had been experimenting on humans that had been captured during the invasion and were planning a second attempt. He thwarted the invasion and freed the captives and took them to unpopulated worlds. Many of these worlds would become members of the United Planets.

Life On Earth
Lar visited Earth where he helped to defeat Eclipso and Superman gave him the name Valor. After a fight with Superboy, Lar discovered that the serum Vril Dox had given him to conteract lead poisoning was wearing off. To save his life, Superboy put him in the Stasis Zone (discovered to be the Phantom Zone). Unfortunately, the device he used was destroyed and Lar was trapped.

A Thousand Years Later
While on the planet Rokyn, a colony of Kryptonians from Kandor, Saturn Girl senses the ethereal presence of Mon-El 'haunting' a Phantom Zone projector. The Legion Of Super-Heroes releases him, although all of them are trapped inside forcefields erected by the Wanderers to trap them in their headquarters. He is confused after a thousand years of sensory deprivation as to who put him there. Realising he recognises the "S" symbol on Supergirl's chest, Braniac 5 manipulates him into fighting her. The force of their blows is enough to bring down the forcefields, freeing the Legion. During the fight, Braniac concocts a cure for the lead poisoning and Invisible Kid sneaks it to him, ending his rage. He is immediately teleported away by the Wanderers, who had apparently been manipulating the situation all along.

Post-IC World without Superman
After the creation of New Krypton, the phantom zone was being destroyed. Superman saves Mon-el from being destroyed by freeing him from the prison dimension so he can die with Kal. But as the lead poisoning begins to take affect Superman finds a mysterious antidote with the insignia of the Legion of Superheroes on it that saves Mon-el from death.

After being freed from the Phantom Zone Mon-El is asked by Superman if he would act as protector of Metropolis while Superman is off-world. He meets with Jimmy Olsen and gives him a signal watch so that Jimmy can contact him. In his first battle as protector of Metropolis Mon-El fights against Rampage and meets up with The Guardian and Steel whom Superman had asked to help him out in his new role. Despite succeeding in knocking Rampage out Mon-El is cautioned by The Guardian for being inexperienced and disregarding the safety of others during his fight. Mon-El is granted a secret identity and background as a British Interpol Agent named Jonathan Kent by The Guardian and begins work with the Science Police.

Mon-el has recently been experiencing random moments of power loss and it has been diagnosed by S.T.A.R. Labs that he will be powerless in one years time unless they can find a way to reverse it. Mon-El was part of The New Justice League of America in Issue# 41 and #42 in 2010. He was replacing Superman for a short bit. He left the Justice League of America in Issue #42 do to the battle in New Krypton. He is helping Superman in a war in space to save New Krypton with the help of Supergirl and Superboy. After the Battle of New Krypton with Superman, Supergirl, Superboy. Mon-El was heading back home to the Legion of Superheros. Mon-El was dying for some disease and there was no cure for it on Earth. He told Superboy to give his girlfriend his farewell letter. Mor-El left Earth from Krypton's portal to his home his was seen by a younger version of Superman welcoming him home.

Daxamite Physiology: Lar has got powers that are native to all Daxamites if they where in a solar system with a yellow sun, similar to Kryptonians.


Light Gravity Augmentation: Like Superboy, born on a giant world with a heavy gravity, Mon-El's muscles automatically become super-strong in Earth's light gravity. From this source, Mon-El also acquires his super-strength, super-breath, super-speed and flying.

* Superhuman Strength
* Superhuman Speed
* Superhuman Breath
* Superhuman Stamina
* Flight: While in atmoshpere Mon-El flies at typically supersonic speeds but can at least fly at speeds near that of light while in space.

Soler Radiation Absorption: Born under the influence of Daxam's red sun, the ultra solar rays of Earth's yellow sun can super-energize his brain and five senses to give him other, non-muscular, super-powers, such as super-senses and mental powers, x-ray vision, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, super-hearing, super-memory and super-calculations.

* Invulnerability: Also, yellow-sun rays, which only tan Earth people's skin, harden Mon-El's skin like steel. Neither radium rays, nor lightning, nor fire can harm him, making him virtually invulnerable.
* Superhuman Senses

* Acute Hearing
* Telescopic Vision
* Microscopic Vision
* X-ray Vision:
* Heat Vision
* Freeze Breath
* Heat Vision
Strength level

Class 100 , Mon-El can lift 100 tons easily and possesses strength that is on par to that of Superman.

Vision Limitation: Mon-El's x-ray vision cannot penetrate lead or lead-lined walls. It also cannot penetrate inertron, the most indestructible substance in the 31st century universe. The heat of his x-ray vision cannot melt lead, unless it is a very thin lining.

Magic: Mon-El is also vulnerable to magic.

Lead: Unlike Kryptonians, whose super-powers are driven from them by the radioactive remnants of their home world, a Daxamite's major weakness is his vulnerability to lead, which does not exist on their planet. Another difference is that, while Green Kryptonite can eventually kill Kryptonians after prolonged exposure, once it is removed the pain eases and the Kryptonian's strength and powers eventually return to him/her. For Mon-El, any exposure to lead causes pain and weakness permanently, even after he is taken to safety. Before a cure was found, Mon-El had to stay in the Phantom Zone, without a corporal body, in order to stay alive. He was only ever able to exit the Zone permanently after Brainiac 5 invented an "anti-lead serum".


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