Wow, I have not updated this thing in forever!

General info:
I'll answer to just about any name you want to call me by, just as long as it's not rude.

Currently preparing to graduate college, but still on Gaia a lot, mostly due to senioritis.

In regards to Gaia, a few simple rules: No beggars, no random PMs or friend requests, and, as I obviously value good grammar, be literate or don't expect an answer.

Important facts about me:

Favorite Authors: Anne Rice, Alyssa Day, Jessica Andersen, Stieg Larsson, Philippa Gregory, various others, too numerous to list.

I am always on the lookout for new books! If you like Sci-fi/Fantasy or Paranormal Romance, message me! We can trade book lists!

I am always up for RPs: I am very openminded and will try anything once. See my Journal for a list of my characters. I am fond of OnexOnes, but I will take on one group RP at any time, provided I am not already in one. The group must be literate and the RP convincing enough for me to enjoy.

I support good grammar and plot development

Note to any prospective RP partners: More often than not I portray a MALE CHARACTER. Please keep this in mind.

Current RPs:

OnexOne: J-rocker/Fan with Khaotic Katharsis (Version 2.0! Love it just as much as the first time around!)

Currently Craving: Something historical or some paranormal romance. Or a Takarazuka esque RP!

Think you want to RP with me? Message me your bio and idea for a setting and such. Same rules apply: Be literate, please

Please remember that I have a life outside of Gaia. Not much of one, but still. And also that writer's block is part of the creative process.

Current Musical Crack
Title: Comment Lui Dire
Artist: Takarazuka Revue Snow Troupe (宝塚歌劇団雪組)
Singer: Misuzu Aki
Album: Romeo and Juliette (ロミオとジュリエット)
Genre: Soundtrack
Language: Japanese
Notes: My GOD, that VOICE!!!!

Title: Puzzle Ring
Artist: Vidoll (ヴィドール)
Album: BEST
Type: J-rock
Language: Japanese
Notes: I like it

Title: Scarlet Love Song
Artist: X Japan
Album: From the film 'Buddha'
Genre: J-Rock
Language: Japanese/English
Notes: Toshi's voice gets better with age!

Current Literary Crack
Title: Captive Spirit: A Novel of the Dark Crescent Sisterhood
Author: Anna Windsor
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Subject: The Sibyls of the Dark Crescent Sisterhood
Summary: Kickass, element using warrior women. What's not to love?
Location: About halfway.
Rating: Second trilogy is as good as the first.


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You have an absolutely amazing Avatar.


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Nooooo don't sell the Moonlight Silverstene!!!!
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do you think you could lower moonlight silverstene to 200 mill?
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I love your current avatar.

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