All about me

I am who I am and no one can change that. I am very nice person, unless you get on my bad side. I don't get mad at people easily. I am also very forgiving I'll for give anyone for anything. My birthday is September 9th. I'm in college at the moment. I love to draw and I like to believe I'm good at it too, I write in my free time. Some people say I'm funny when I'm not trying. sweatdrop and i don't know what my purpose is yet(for being on this earth). i think one day i will change the world... I am willing to help anyone in need. I have a problem with being able to help others but not myself. I believe that I am the most darkest, twisted mined, depressed, funny. awesome, easy going, kind hearted, amazing little girl in my family. I know I'm smart sometimes and L love sheep,dinosaurs sleeping with sirens, and Oreos. . 4laugh