Hiya Gaia.

So. I'm going to re-write this because it's got some things... that aren't really valid anymore.

First of all, I'm not back on Gaia. I pop in every now and then. I might spot a few bucks for some items. But I'm no where near available.

I'm still extremely busy with my RL trying to get gud at it... I'm doing alright, I guess.

I'm still happy. Because I'm alive. Even when I do feel like dealing with sh*t... I'm lucky enough to still be breathing and experiencing things. And I'm very much grateful for that.

I still thank the people who I meet here, even though I haven't spoken to them in quite some time... and I regret that. But I do continue to wish you all well and I hope you are doing okay. To me, you're still all my friends and I adore you. That's just how I'm made up.

I'm doing good. And I'm happy. And I hope you are too.

And again Gaia, thanks for showing me a good time. I still think back on those days fondly.