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Gender: Female

Where you can reach me at:

YIM: lookdonga.mars

I like it when you click my links.

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Care to get me a little somethin'?

I'm Gary ********' Oak! 8D

I see whut you did thar.


A fraction of what I'm about:

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I'm Mokoibito, Moko for short.
❤ I like random comments and pirates.
❤ I really love apples and tea. Sheep too.
❤ I adore food. Lots and lots of food.

✖ I don't like people that talk like s**t.
✖ I can't stand mega-mainstream things.
✖ I despise ignorant people, Twilight,
Justin Bieber, American rap, Family Guy,
fake people, etc. 83

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Thank you so much Vee for the 100k! ;w; <3

I really like talking.

If your art isn't on my page, it's in my signature. :3

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©Azurichu <3

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EPIC ART ©Sweeney the Barber :D

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©Ni Mother to all

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Draw for me...? :D

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©Epiphanott <3

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