30 Facts about me

1. Ive gone threw 5 iPods everyone of them named Fabio
2. My favorite thing to do is to got office supply shopping.
3. I smile with my mouth closed
4. It takes me an hour to brush my curly hair and no less then four to straighten it
5. Im against war 100%
6. Im a daddys AND a mommys girl
7. My biggest fear is the Quaker oat man- no joke
8. I cannot and I mean CANNOT dance- its really quite pathetic
9. Im the youngest
10. I dont have a Type
11. I dont ever really sweat- its kind of bizarre
12. Snails and goats are my favorite animals
13. Emily Ambach is my bestie best
14. I call guys beautiful
15. I cannot wear scarves or have anything to close to my neck
16. Im very anti-Miley Cyrus and George W. Bush
17. Im not quite sure what religion I am
18. I laughed so hard I peed my pants four times in one day- I went threw all my clean jeans
19. I love doing laundry
20. I refuse to touch dirty dishes
21. I have asthma, allergies, and seizers
22. I have a therapist- I dont think Im crazy thou
23. I feel sick randomly
24. I refuse to ever ride a motorcycle
25. Im really picky about what I eat
26. I have 10 nicknames- poodle, fishy, hefay, moka. Moccacocca, manny, wee-one, mokacream, Joe, d.a , splash.
27.I went on a rollercoaster more than 20 times until I threw up- the line was only 5 minutes
28. Pregnant women give me the creeps
29. I do math problems when Im bored
30. I HATE getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist especially with the orange fluoride


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i am. your welcome. i love you too.

i also included 2000 gold so you should REALLY thank me for that. i wasn't even gonna give it to you in the first place. but i decided to cause that's how nice i am and that's how much i love you.

did jenni give you your stuff back?

Report | 09/27/2008 12:35 pm


Jesus christ! PMS! i was gonna give it back anyways! i wanted to see how long it would take you to to come back on and figure out that all your stuff was gone. besides, i didn't steal any good stuff either... jenni stole all your good stuff >User Image she stole all the clothes off your back but whatever. i'm sendidng a trade right now.

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hey babe! love ur sig!

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heya long time no talk

Report | 03/18/2008 4:55 pm


h3y whats up?!?!?!?!?!

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Hey watsup?

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I hope everything is ok between you and your friend!!!User Image

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hey your profiel is sooo cute!!


"Sometimes I wish I was a little girl again--because bruised knees heal faster than broken hearts."