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Rozen | Athena
Avert your gaze, it buuuurrrrrnnnsss~.

- I'm a girl.
- I get very annoying.
- My PMSing lasts all month.
- I'm bipolar.
- I'm Fifteen.
- I used to have quite a few Cosplay Mules. Now I can actually count them all. There are still a lot, but only a few get attention. Look for me on Mukuro, Squalo, Geralo, or Gokudera.
- I play the violin.
- I'm going to be a Sophmore. in High School.
- I live in Florida.
- My real name is Candace.
- Please refer to me with my real name.
- Or make up a nickname from my real name. Some examples are 'Candi, Andy, and Alice.'
- I don't hold grudges.
- I tend to do really stupid things to people and then regret them immediately afterword.
- I love my friends to death.
- I worship Gurren Lagann.
- I'm an anime nerd for sure.
- I am not a weaboo.
- I roleplay on the Advanced Literate level.
- I also worship Sengoku Basara.
- I don't leave the house without my ipod.
- I use caps way too much, and find it really hard to tolerate chatspeak.

So, any of my friends who would even take the time to look at my profile would know that I'm a freaking dork who never actually gets around to completing the cosplays that I want to get done, but I have a list of ones that I will get done in the near future.

- Hayato Gokudera [With Sistema C.A.I. Props] and Superbi Squalo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
- Sandada Yukimura from Sengoku Basara
- Nia and Antispiral!Nia from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
- Lag Seeing from Tegami Bachi
- Shibusen Uniform!Maka and DeathScythe!Soul Prop


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Maka's Journal~.

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LIKEAB0SS Report | 08/25/2010 8:23 pm
LIKEAB0SS Report | 08/17/2010 10:12 pm
Alriighty, thanks. :'D
LIKEAB0SS Report | 08/17/2010 9:58 pm
you wanna help me with a posting style?
Enma Kozato Report | 08/12/2010 12:53 pm
You will never guess what ust happened.
(unless you read my status)
LIKEAB0SS Report | 08/10/2010 7:08 pm
[That's goood.~
o uo/size]
LIKEAB0SS Report | 08/10/2010 5:16 pm
Gooodgoood, you?
LIKEAB0SS Report | 08/10/2010 4:20 pm
Hello beautiful.
Hannersauce Report | 08/05/2010 6:32 pm
No problem. I luffles you too. <3
Hannersauce Report | 08/05/2010 6:29 pm
Oh s**t. o__O That's a lot of items. And expensive. You definitely need help. I'll try as soon as I come into some money. >w<
Hannersauce Report | 08/05/2010 6:20 pm
You are? Can I seeeee? The dream avatar and the person you're cosplaying, either/or, maybe? I wanna see if I have any of the items, maybe I can just give them to you? c:


warped tour twentyten was amazing.
pic on profile.[/color:5d842a522d][/size:5d842a522d][/align:5d842a522d]


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