One day (february 15th) I was born.
One day Ill die.
Somewhere in there, maybe Ill get married.
My Johari Window

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I may be a bit boycrazy, but bros before hoes.
I have a tendency to be annoying at times.
Im pretty straightedge.
People think Im a horrible secret keeper because im loud and talk alot.
But I dare you to find someone who will keep her mouth shut better than me.
Im confident.
But its only to hide my insecurities.

I have had my heart broken.
I have broke hearts.
I hate it when boys kiss and tell if I dont know who the person their telling is.
But I do it.
Im a hpyoctire at times, though I hate them.
I love penguins.
Pina Coladas.
Quiet moments.
The Carribean.
Falling asleep with someone
(but not in a sexual way)
People playing with my hair,
and getting caught in the rain.

I hate idiots, and people who are horrible horrible illiterates if I know them in real life.
I hate the cold, most of the time.
Soap operas annoy me.
And obnoxious little kids do too.
Last, but not least;
I ******** HATE BEGGARS.
Message me asking for an item.
I DARE you. Youll be on my blocked list faster than you can say "Cn i have sum goldz??////"



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The life and times of a teenage Gaia Addict.

I guess this is just a place of sheer and utter randomness. Whatever happened that day, any feelings I felt.... ya. COMMENT PWEEEZE!


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Add me to MSN if you'd like. xxdstawkerxx@live.com

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>.< Well... doesn't that just beat all. sweatdrop

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>.< Well... do you have any other forms of communication? xP

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I've not gotten any replies what so ever, and I don't go through your posts or comments, so no.

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Ah, we've had a trade sitting for about a week now. 'w ' Just wondering if you'll be accepting soon...?
Rogue Cerise

Report | 12/22/2011 9:28 am

Rogue Cerise

Thank you so very much!! <333
Nice profile.

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Thanks for the donation. heart

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Thank you for the donation! emotion_bigheart
Jay Bay Bear

Report | 07/13/2011 5:25 pm

Jay Bay Bear

My wife just clarified what the gold was for :]
Thanks for the donation to our art contest ^^


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Randosig replaced until
A) I finish getting most of my stuff and/or
B) I stop being lazy and clean out my randosig.

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