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I typed the below stuff a year+ ago, but music is literally what fuels me. I'm sorta happy where my life is atm & don't be shy to approach me. emotion_yatta

Highlight if you want to.
Hiyyooo, hellooo...
Twenty year old female
Of Hispanic background
Bilingual in both Spanish and English
Californian (LA)
College student
> Concert goer
Socially awkward (I tend to babble about unimportant stuff)
I want to travel and take in the culture.
Favorite color is purple.
Double takes are probably my signature move.
Birthday: 11/24
Demisexual? Heterosexual? que?
----Likes to create stuff and listen to music------
Music genres preferred:
-Surf Pop & Rock
-Indie Pop & Rock
-Alternative (Pop & Rock / Neutral)
-Electronic (some)

Comic stuff:
Into DC and Marvel comics. Huge fan of bird-like heroes.
Is incantation of a certain hero in Marvel.

-----More me stuff--------
Looking for companionship rather than a relationship. gaia_kittenstar
Very much so confused w/certain people. gaia_star
Don't get on my bad side, first impression are your best chance at getting to know me. gaia_kittenstar
I'm a little oblivious of what goes around me, so I tend to be afraid or cautious of people or certain situations. gaia_star
I can let you know I don't care, but I do. Sorta. I cut you out and not make an effort because I like being chased. Woops. gaia_kittenstar