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Ignis_Scientia2010 Report | 08/25/2019 3:44 am
Remy continued eating, glancing at Kat when she said that the professor would be there. Charles had forgiven him but still. She said something about sweet and spicy wings and he smirked some as she asked if he was up to the challenge. “Cheré, ya don’ wanna challenge me to spicy foods. Promise ya, ya won’t win,” he said, smirking at her. If she wanted to play the spicy food game, he was definitely down.
Ignis_Scientia2010 Report | 08/24/2019 8:35 pm
Remy sat and listened as Kat went over her day and everything that had happened. It sucked a little that she was let go from her job, but at least she seemed happy. It gave her time to focus on things here and learning what she wanted to do to help the team. Kat said that Logan and some of the others were getting her a small cake for her birthday and she wanted him to join her for the celebration. He paused in his eating, staring at his plate. He knew he needed to try and get along with everyone again.....or at least those who were willing to try. But he still felt a bit uneasy about it. “Won’t make any promises, cheré, but I’ll try,” he told her. It really would depend on who else turned out for the event.
Ignis_Scientia2010 Report | 08/24/2019 7:54 pm
Remy smiled some and had to brace himself as Kat slammed into him with a hug. He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her back as she planted a kiss on his cheek. “You welcome cheré. No need for ya t’ work two jobs an’ run ya’self ragged. Gotta enjoy life while ya young,” he said, smiling as he looked down at her. She was genuinely happy now, which was good, he didn’t like seeing her sad. “There was still plenty of leftovers so I made you some too, if you hungry,” he told her, pulling back as he moved to sit at the table.
Ignis_Scientia2010 Report | 08/24/2019 6:48 pm
Remy heard his phone ping and he checked it, seeing that Kat had said she would be right over after she changed. Finishing up with the leftovers, he set both plates on the table with silverware and drinks. He heard a knock on the door and he smiled some, making his way over to open it. He paused for just a moment, taking a minute to register the face looking back at him was still Kat. “Ya cut your hair, cheré look good,” he added, not wanting to make her feel any worse in case she didn’t like it. He could tell she was still upset so he did his best, gradually pulling her feelings of sadness and anger away, replacing them with calm and happiness. He allowed her in before closing the door, taking the gift she handed him. “Aw cheré, you ain’t gotta get Remy nothin’,” he said, opening the package anyway. Inside was a set of metal playing cards and he felt himself smile some. “They beautiful, Kat. Thank you,” he said, taking them out of the box. He’d never thought of carrying metal cards with him, having no idea how dangerous they would be. Maybe he could test it out later. “Now, Remy got somethin’ for you,” he said, grabbing the wrapped box that held the keys to her Jeep. “Was supposed t’ be for ya birthday, but ya look like you coul’ use it now,” he said, smiling as he handed her the small package.
Ignis_Scientia2010 Report | 08/24/2019 5:53 pm
Remy spent the next few days by himself, making sure he was going to have everything he needed for dinner this weekend. He kept an eye on Kat whenever he could and she seemed to be doing alright. Today, however, when Logan brought her back from work, he could tell something was wrong. She was stressed and mad, he could feel it from here. He grabbed his phone, pulling up her number before sending her a message.
Hey cheré, feel like ya had a bad day. Why don’t ya come over for a bit, got somethin’ that might help.’ He hit send and set his phone down on the counter, pulling some of the leftover chicken out of the fridge and heating up enough for two.
Ignis_Scientia2010 Report | 08/24/2019 2:30 am
Jean laughed some when Kat told her that she could have the flowers in bloom for the wedding and then promised that they wouldn’t run rampant if she couldn’t control them. “I’ll appreciate the help, even if the plants run wild,” she teased, smiling. She checked the time, yawning some. “Well, I’m going to get some rest. You should try and do the same,” she said, giving her another hug.
Ignis_Scientia2010 Report | 08/24/2019 1:21 am
Jean smiled and returned Kat’s hug, glad that she was happy. “I’m even planning on inviting Remy.....though I’m not sure he’ll come. Rogue won’t be happy but hopefully everyone can put aside their differences and we can all get along for one day,” she said, smiling at her. “As for when we plan on having it.....we haven’t picked a date yet. Probably not until it warms up. I’d like to have it here, honestly. Something small and outdoors, surrounded by friends is perfect for me.” She never pictured a big wedding, especially after she found out she was a mutant. Most places didn’t cater to mutants anymore.
Ignis_Scientia2010 Report | 08/23/2019 10:32 pm
Jean smiled softly, looking out at the pool house. “It’s nice that you’ve found someone else who gives you that feeling. Being an empath, Remy is able to feel other’s emotions and take them on himself, giving us a calm feeling. Empathy in mutants is a very rare thing.....most of them go insane or end up taking their own life because they don’t know how to handle all of the emotions they’re feeling.....I wonder, sometimes, if they realize that it’s not just their emotions they’re getting. Maybe if they realized that, more of them would live,” she said, trailing off as she got lost in her own thoughts. Shaking her head some, she looked back over to Kat, a smile on her face. “So.....nothing is official yet but....when Scott and I get married, I was wondering if you would like to be one of the bridesmaids? You don’t have to, of course, but I thought I would ask,” she said. There were still some minor details to get settled before a wedding would take place, but she always liked to be prepared.
Ignis_Scientia2010 Report | 08/23/2019 9:42 pm
Jean couldn’t help but smile as Kat began listing off everything she was thinking about. It was good that she was spending time with Remy, the poor boy needed a friend. She mentioned something about her plant needing some extra water and she did her best to suppress a small giggle. “I’ll be sure to do that, thank you. And it’s good that you’re spending some time with him. Someone needs to try and get him back in the house,” she said, smiling some. She took another drink of her water, looking over at Kat. “Don’t stress about the car. Too much stress and all the plants will react to it. And that’s good that you were able to make plants grow from a distance, you’re getting better,” she said, smiling. She was practicing and that was the only true way to master one’s powers.
Ignis_Scientia2010 Report | 08/23/2019 8:39 pm
Jean walked into the kitchen, smiling some as she saw Kat staring out the window, enjoying some coco. “You know, if you think too much harder, you’ll start projecting to the whole school,” she teased, fixing herself a glass of water. She could tell something was on her mind, if she wanted to talk about it, she would listen. “Do you want to talk about it?” she asked, moving over to join Kat by the window. It was still raining.....if it continued, she may ask Storm to make it stop.

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