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Hey~! I'm Mochi!
I'm a bit awkward but I do like the random PM from time to time.
Oh! I've linked my DA under the my website option. So, if you want to see my bad art you can.
I've also linked my thiscrush so you should pop in a tell me how you feel~! heart
See you around~! heart

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Discord: Ask me for it after we've chatted for a bit~! heart

Tell me how you really feel~ <3
My DA~!

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Channon Jerusalem Report | 12/16/2018 1:44 pm
Channon Jerusalem
What legs, and or underwear are those? surprised
David Spade666 Report | 08/24/2018 7:26 am
David Spade666
work on ur avi art more cutie
Hachimitsu Hunnie Report | 08/20/2018 2:52 am
Hachimitsu Hunnie
Hello \(⌒▽⌒)
carthago delenda est Report | 07/29/2018 1:30 pm
carthago delenda est
thank you for buying! <3
Annie May Tiddies Report | 07/04/2018 7:25 pm
Annie May Tiddies
Sorruy for the late reply but thank you!

I see you like caravan palace!
Phaque Report | 06/19/2018 10:48 pm
I'm sorry I don't have my notifications turned on . Thank you lovely!
Jhonny Cockring Report | 06/19/2018 7:33 pm
Jhonny Cockring
Well Hello there Miss, I did indeed peak at your profile and I am glad that you dropped by mine to say Hello as well~
Ebivy Report | 06/19/2018 3:45 pm
hello. thank you for the comment!

i love your art. 🐝
X-Ze Mocha-X Report | 05/30/2018 2:40 pm
X-Ze Mocha-X
I miss you friend. ): I've also sent a friend request on Discord. >_<
Artina Natsuki Report | 05/17/2018 6:40 am
Artina Natsuki
Awwwe thank you heart ur avi lovely mochi

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I make art sometimes~<3(These are kinda oldtbh)

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