Ramen and bewbs


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screepy popcorn Report | 06/07/2016 7:04 pm
screepy popcorn
thanks bruh whee
screepy popcorn Report | 04/22/2014 9:18 am
screepy popcorn
Voat Report | 06/25/2013 3:54 pm
Zash Lone Report | 05/14/2013 12:26 am
Zash Lone
umm ma'am, can you gimme an item that up to 10k
KuroKageHane Report | 03/21/2013 9:00 am
Yeah. XD
KuroKageHane Report | 03/19/2013 8:58 am
Yuup. awesome:
Aren't we all birds in a cage? *sigh*
My internet is going to be cut off b/c of my dad very soon. It's only for educational purposes as soon as he switches it.
Email me at kurohane70@yahoo.com or kurokagehane@gmail.com.
I'm giving you both b/c I might not be able to access into my yahoo.
KuroKageHane Report | 03/16/2013 10:25 am
Too bad. You're not old enough. emotion_awesome
I like feeling free too, but think about how the world would be if there wasn't any rules.
It would be "cool" in some prospectives and chaotic in many others. > <;;;
KuroKageHane Report | 03/14/2013 11:03 pm
Yuuush~ Old enough to hold the cane of doooom! MWAHAHAHA! *coughs*
True. o - o;;;
I dun wanna either, but we have to someday. Only if we could be carefree and young forever. *sigh*
KuroKageHane Report | 03/12/2013 4:08 pm
My little brother is young. Me not young anymore brah. > <
I know it isn't, but what do you do when it's on your butt? gonk
We'll all have to face it someday. *sigh*
KuroKageHane Report | 03/09/2013 7:40 pm
Not that young anymore. o 3 o
Almost legal and almost starting senior year. It's time for stress. DX
Well, it's explainable. It's the future we're talking about here! > <
Yeah. thanks! <3
Shiro the Elven Wolf
mochi neko-chan