-Jared, Vaughn, Adrian, are my names
-15 years old
-10th grader
-Someone with a personality which is hard to define

*Good at*
-Kind of playing the piano
-Scaring people
-Having fun
-Making parties wild and interesting
-Sometimes drawing and writting

*Bad at*
-Giving advice
-Being around crowds
-Speaking in front of many people
-Performing to others
-Not being lazy
-Most of the time drawing and writting

*Favorite Games*
-Ragnarok Online (Sakray) :Sunao: is my main character
-DarkRO Force most of my chara's name is Sunao or Sunao Fujimori
-Super Smash Brothers
-Halo 1 and 2
-Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and 9

*Favorite Food*
-Rice Ball
-Tonkatsu ( dunno how to spell but it's Japanese )
-Zama School Lunches
-Anything in Zama and in and in Atsugi and Japan
-Asian food
-Anything that I can cook

*Favorite T.V shows*
-Sometimes the Filipino Channel
-Cartoon Network
-Adult Swim
-Some News
-Wildcat T.V (school tv show thing)
-Anything interesting

*Favorite Anime*
-Neon Genesis Evangelion
-Mahou Sensei Negima
-Paranoia Agent (whatever it's called)
-Bo-Bo-Bo Bo-BoBoBo
-Sukisyo (Live with it stare )
-Zatch Bell

*Favorite Songs*
-Hinahanap ng Puso (By Gloc 9)
-Silvertoes (By Parokya ni Edgar)
-Tengo la Camisa Negra (By Juanes)
-Akikaze no Uta (By Akeboshi)
-My Humps (By: Black Eyed Peas)
-You and Me (By Lifehouse)
-Wonderboy (By Tenacious D)
-Swing Swing (By The All-American Rejects)
-Anime Theme songs
-American Idiot (By Green Day)

*Favorite Movie/Books*
-Some Drama

If I remember anything I'll add more...


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The Pinoy

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The Pinoy

hey wats up? i havent been on this thing in a while
The Pinoy

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The Pinoy


Report | 10/24/2008 6:38 pm


I am sending out guild activation fourms to see who all is still active with the Tribe so i cant the reported back to me please saying some along the lines of "Yes i am still active" please and thank you

And on another note i am now your new Tribe Leader for those of you who dont know me i and Lord Xeris younger sister.

Please PM this to me

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Hello. The Tribe is under new management. I will be the new leader. Hello Moch. How was your day?
Lord Narsha

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Lord Narsha

you ware are you start posting in the tribe or it's baning time

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Lord Narsha

Report | 07/31/2007 4:30 pm

Lord Narsha

yo have you put me on your ignor list
Peter Griffen121

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Peter Griffen121

Duke of the Fiend

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Duke of the Fiend

Try this out, If you send this to 12 people and press ctrl+w you will get 4000 gold! trust me it really works


ninja I stand with the Incubus Federation ninja


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