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Hello biggrin
My name is Miranda. I love music and going to concerts. I want to be Sailor Moon. Aliens exist and Arnold Palmer half & half iced tea is my favorite. Other than that, I'm a pretty fun and outgoing person, so don't be afraid to PM me or say hi. As always, donations are very very welcome! :]

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KINK0RZ Report | 05/09/2013 11:43 am
Bloody Madness Report | 04/29/2013 8:18 pm
Bloody Madness
Go fishing, you should have some bait, send me a trade, I will give you B Credits for you to sell and make a mint off of them. smile you will make a lot of Gold in no time and I still have a lot.
KINK0RZ Report | 04/27/2013 11:21 pm
GURL. Your avie is cute as helllll. But yeah I caved xDDD I had the gold just sitting there so I said f it!
Bloody Madness Report | 04/23/2013 6:38 pm
Bloody Madness
Note: To Self: She Like Bugs too.

Your welcome sweetie. I can live with that and I will not be running out any time soon and the bait is free for you to go fishing, the more fish you trade mke, the more Bait you will get, so you don't have to pay for bait, also what Rod are you useing? I could make you a deal or something and give you a better fishing Rod, plus all the B credits I giving you, you could sell them easy. They are being bought like crazy, 70Gold each, sell it for 65Gold and boom, you making big Gold!

I think buy you fishing, you will be making Gold, not spending it, and selling the B credits and making a big pot of Gold!
gdih Report | 04/23/2013 2:21 am
Oh my god. the below comment was sent to the wrong person emo sorry!
but thank you for the compliment! I really like your avi too! c:
gdih Report | 04/23/2013 2:21 am
I'll give it a shot,
although I'm finding it a bit difficult to distinguish certain features due to the impressive amount of items on it sweatdrop
Bloody Madness Report | 04/22/2013 5:06 pm
Bloody Madness
I gave you1x A grade Bait, 10xF Grade bait for saying thank you. That 500Gold of bait right there for free! so you can make more Gold. I count all your fish and it came to 900Gold. 900/50Gold=18 "B" Credits!

I round them up to 20 "B" Credits for you as my sing of saying thank you. I know your a smaket girl and you say it yourself, you could sell them for 65 Gold each and make your money back plus more! If you sell them for 65Gold each you would made 1,300Gold! 400Gold more! So I send you the one I think is the better trade. Next trade, tell me if you want gold or B Credits?
Bloody Madness Report | 04/21/2013 5:45 pm
Bloody Madness
I'm ready for another trade any time and I got tons of B Credits and I also going to give you some free bait, so that when you used it, any fish you get or junk you get,you can sell it to me, and it a win,win for you. You don't have to buy bait and still get to sell my B Credits for how much you want to sell them for. Plus you spend no Gold, Just make it!
ulikwhtuc Report | 04/21/2013 8:21 am

so it's like an equal thing?! c:

ulikwhtuc Report | 04/20/2013 8:01 am

LIES!!! cry


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