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Don't realy need to know this do you?


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Philomeana Aracaad Report | 12/26/2011 2:23 pm
Philomeana Aracaad
Thanks for buying ^_^ heart
xUltra Vixenx Report | 11/16/2010 11:38 am
xUltra Vixenx
heyy 3nodding
Shiblets Report | 11/11/2010 5:58 pm
Your avatar is AWESOME. ninja
Ruthless Affection Report | 10/28/2010 5:23 pm
Ruthless Affection
Thank you for purchasing. blaugh Have a good night.
xUltra Vixenx Report | 10/21/2010 10:21 am
xUltra Vixenx
haha monkey :3
Jazzs-Luvs_U Report | 09/28/2010 3:21 pm
lol, ok then. XD
Jazzs-Luvs_U Report | 09/27/2010 8:25 pm
why you say that?
Jazzs-Luvs_U Report | 09/27/2010 2:20 pm
thanks for the present. smile
Jazz-Luvs_U Report | 07/12/2010 10:40 am
oh dang, i kinda didn't know if it was tru or not so i just sent it in hopes it was tru.
Jazz-Luvs_U Report | 07/11/2010 8:51 pm
Sorry that I had to send this message. Since Gaia has recently become very popular, has become the many complaints that Gaia has become unacceptably slow. The report shows that the reason is that Gaia has a number of non-active members and, secondly, many new Gaia members.
We want to send this message to see whether you're active members or not. If you're active, can you send this message to at least 10-15 users. Use the "Copy - Cut and Paste" to show that you are still active. Those who do not send this message within 2 weeks in, will be removed in order to get more space.
Send this message to your friends to show me that you are still active, and do not want to be removed.

This is from Gaiaonline founder

People who have pissed me off account help95, Luvly Beauty, Brutally Dead, The_UK_Gamer,The English Gamer