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[[Poetry, Prose, and Amateur Photography]]

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing...


About Mlle Rose

Pay No Mind To The Girl Behind The Curtain

I'm a Canadian
I read, write, and watch anime in my spare time
When I get into something, I become obsessive (usually)
I have a delicate stomach
This was actually my second of three accounts
I'm a bit odd - and proud of it
I find geeks and nerds really cool (and sometimes sexy)
I am approximately 5'5" and am apparently not quite the weight I appear to be.
I like to dance and sing when nobody's around to see me do it

Brighten My Day

Hamburgers, Cheesecake, and Iced Tea make for the best meal. Ever.
Meaningful Movies
Appealing Art
The Internet
Going Fast
Napping in the Sun
A Variety of Music
Alice in Wonderland

Beware The Tempest

Arrogant People
Spicy Foods
Water (when I can't see the bottom)
Insects sneaking up on me
Text talk
Skirts and dresses (on me)
Playing Team Sports
Dreaming While Sleeping
Being Cold
Being Told What to Do

What Has She Gotten Herself Into?
Heart no Kuni no Alice please and thank you~ ♥

Anything Alice in Wonderland please and thank you ♥

Puppies! Cute and capable of driving one absolutely insane!

Seriously thinking of doing her writing


Blackjack anyone?

Cuddles ♥

"Sometimes I find it's easy to be myself."


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Mlle Rose's Marvelous Words

A collection of poems and short stories (mostly) that I wanted to share with others, and perhaps even get some feedback on.

Katzen Blut Waltz from The Cat Returns

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