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ShambolicLurker Report | 07/21/2016 10:18 am
ShambolicLurker Report | 07/21/2016 10:10 am
ShambolicLurker Report | 01/10/2013 2:51 am
achievement whoring ftw...
ShambolicLurker Report | 01/10/2013 2:50 am
cool avi
Lord Arrion Report | 02/23/2011 7:22 pm
Dolores Dane Lockhart Report | 10/09/2010 4:36 pm
The Gaia's powerful! D:
Dolores Dane Lockhart Report | 10/09/2010 3:49 pm
The Gaia's powerful! D:
Dolores Dane Lockhart Report | 10/09/2010 9:00 am
Gaia got me hooked again. Do something! Dx
Rupoor Report | 08/07/2010 10:02 am
Nothing just hasn't been going my way lately, EmEm. sad
Rupoor Report | 08/07/2010 9:58 am


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I'm sorry..
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Emjay In a Nutshell

Well, uh, where do I start?

Name: Mitchell J Dunton
Nicknames: Mj, Emjay,
EmyJay and Menchi
Age: 20
Status: Living on a hope...Otherwise alone.
Race: Daemonic Human
Hair colour: Dark, dark blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Best features pointed out: Personality, Eyes, Nice Ass o.o;;
Occupation: Film Student/LAN organizer
Socail classes: Nerd, Punk, Skater, Emo, Goth, Cynic, Rocker, Random, Indy, Ninja.
Interests: Xbox gaming, Gaia, flash movies, various kinds of boarding, online and offline roleplaying, wargaming and, to a lesser extent, collectable card gaming.
Likes: Human blood, £>Tanja<3 (Loves her very, very much), Pizza and DR PEPPER!!!11
Dislikes: Danielle Thorpe (Die, die now, b*tch), Dave (Sorry dude, but, you've f*cked up merry), 'Funny' people (The ones who everyone finds funny in spite of their jokes being obnoxious and retarded), the popular c*ntbags (So well known they think that they can get away with every f*cking thing that thier sh*tty excuses for a brain wish to perform. Like try and cave in the back of your skull 'for a joke', c*ntbag Guesty)
Guardian of: LadyMaxineStarr and Angel in Leather
The best thing since sliced bread to: Broken Innosense
Is also: Raggy-chan's hugwhore, Janatorial's manwhore, Angel in Leather's cuddle buddy, Engaged to BWC. Engaged to Chrisseh

Great girls (Online): Chrisseh, Tanja, Karla, Nicole, Lyndsay, Emmy, Sophie, Hollie, Elise, Anna, Karen, Shari, Lena, Krissy, Melissa, Rachel, Meg, Alyssa, Heather, Irene, Alice, Lauren, Alex, Becca, Michelle, Laura, Kaylie, Aurora, Jess, Sarah, Carley, Jassie and Mal, Eve, Klausey and Zainy (Whose names I cannot recall)

Great girls (Offline): Fessey, Hazel, Faye, Em-J, Laura.


Name: Mj
Age: 10,018
Gender: Male
Species: Cherubim
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: Red
Occupation: High Guardian
Wife: Elyse (LadyMaxineStarr)
Children: Ethan and Eric
Appearence:Mj in tux by Kotou Miller
Mj by Angel in Leather
Mj with Lena, Mus-ic, Painted and Ruru by Angel in Leather
Mj hugging Lena by Angel in Leather
Mj Crouched by mjdunton
Peaches and Cream by Katherina Everlong
Personality: Stern yet calm. Loving and flirty

History brief: Became a vampire at an early age.
Led a coven into war againest Trygon's slayer forces later in life. Only he survived out of them.
Was later slain and brought back soon after by a good friend.
Came back as a demon, murdering for a living.
Was soon purified form his wicked way and became an Malakim leaving only the red eyes as a sign of his demonic past.
After fighting in various wars he took command of a large section of the angelic army.
Founded a guild to train young angels into powerful warriors. For this the gods made him an Elohim.
Left the guild to take control of the entire angelic army.
Left army leadership to become high guardian to the Gods as a Cherubim.
Now married and expecting first child sooooon!


Name: Menchi
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Demonic Human
Hair colour: Dark Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Occupation: Student/Roleplayer
Girlfriend: N/A
Appearence: Coming soon...
Personality: Loving if given opportunity. Mostly depressed and world hating.

My Consellation
Those gaiaborn under Penna, the wing constellation, are usually among the kindest people you'd ever hope to meet, but are often easily distracted and spacey. They tend to be quiet and self reflective in private, sensitive you might say, but open, pleasant and brimming with energy when they're among friends. They are often extroverted people, and they tend to enjoy nice weather, parties and playing games outside, but due to their airheaddedness can often forget in the heat of the moment that there are limits and can often end up embarrassing themselves and causing a scene. In hostile situations, they can become very turbulent, either screaming and thrashing around, or curling up and weeping.

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Angel in Leather
Master. Fat Guy
Mr. Fat Guy
Lord Callenmore
Lady Callenmore



Cream, my funky
buddy in Belguim

Lena, my swedish