Name: Christopher
Age: 16
Birthdate: May 24, 1992
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: African-American mixed with, Mexican, Cuban, and something else.

Some entertainment info:

All work by CLAMP (Tokyo Babylon is my favorite so far)
Hikaru no Go
Death Note
Ranma 1/2
Samurai Deeper Kyo

Anime: (I don't necessarily own all of these, but I want to)
Neon Genesis
All the Gundam series (there's too many and I can't keep up)
All works by Hayao Miyazaki
All work by Satoshi Kon
Final Fantasy Unlimited
Cowboy Bebop
and others ^^

Mew(#1 favorite)
Linkin Park
Imogen Heap
The Killers
Death Cab For Cutie
Do As Infinity
Frou Frou
Sigur Ros

Video Games:
Street Fighter Series
King of Fighters Series
Xenosaga Series
Final Fantasy Series
Kingdom Hearts Series
Castlevania Series

(don't I sound lovely)

Hello friends and frengers, my name is Mizaki Kimoto and based off of that name you can obviously tell that I love something about Japan. What? Well first off manga and anime like almost everybody else here on Gaia. I also love the video games and the music that comes with it. To see other stuff about me look up (*.*)

Sakura Yoshida
Bullet Sonata
jacob the killa
Mizaki Kimoto

Hello my name is HAP. Literally in the real world I'm just a peice of Mizaki's imagination and I have no physical form, but mind enough is good, right? Mizaki outside of his school life and away from friends is really quiet and laid back. He also loves to indulge in his collections of DVD's, manga, books, video games, and his iPod. Um..yeah!

Hi everybody, my name is Sakura and I like HAP am a peice of Mizaki's brain. We were created in his 8th grade year when he really got serious about story writing. I'm his editor while HAP over there is his backup artist. I bet that you're wondering where we're from, but we don't even know, Mizaki hasn't given us a home. Other than that Mizaki is a real Gemini. Even though he doesn't belive in horoscopes and such he really does match his sign. His first side is extremely energetic and has a laugh that you want to kill. His other side is extremely quiet and calm. Then he has his middle self......yeah.

Hi, my name is Chris, or as I call myslef everywhere else Mizaki Kimoto. Instead of talking about myslef, I thought that I should have others talk about me. So Id on't go into a big fat boring paragraph about myslef...so, ta-da!

Chris a weird, yet funny person. He usually has no idea of what's going on, but that adds to his funny-ness. Although usually clueless, he is a great friend and has always made me smile.