It's a-me, Miyu!

If you've made it to my profile, that means something caught your eye. Hopefully it was an RP post because that's what I'm on Gaia for: ROLEPLAYING!

Are you interested in having me join a large group, small group or 1x1 roleplay? Well, let me share some of what I do so you can see for yourself if you're interested in mah awesome skeelz.

Mah awesome skeelz are here

If you think that I'm not high lit, you are certainly mistaken. I don't feel as though I should need to expand my posts more than what it needs to be. If I only get a little information, I'm not going to write bullshit just to fill up bullshit.

That's Miyu bein' real, yo.

That being said, if it is a high lit roleplay and everyone is making a story out of their post, I can certainly hang with the big boys and do the same thing.


I love all roleplays but there are some topics I gravitate towards more than others. If you see the page here, you can guess the one fandom I'm most interested in is Pokemon. But I do have interest in several others which are as follows:

Fandoms (Anime)
Elfen Lied

Fandoms (Books)
Hunger Games
Harry Potter

Types of Roleplay

If you have any interest in any of these selections, or think I might be interested in one that isn't listed, let me know! (There is many more that would be on this list but this is what I typed and this is what it says)

With that, Miyu bids you adieu. <3