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PiX OF ME. <3


Oh, it's just another Miyu...

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Last Login: 09/07/2007 11:50 pm

Registered: 01/30/2006

Gender: Female

Location: rAwr.

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LalalaLynnji <3

Hey, my name's Lynnji. I'm still trying to figure out who I really am. I'm almost perfect, but I just can't get there. I love easily, but it's harder for my to love somone and avoid hatred. I used to be the type of person, who thought that the world wasn't for me. But now I finally realize that there are many great reasons for me to be here in this world. Without my friends, I would have never learned that. My family relationship is really complicated. My parents are divorced, my brother smokes, hides a lot of secrets, and makes the wrong choices in life. I used to look up to him, but now I want to do anything for him to change is ways...My mom and dad never communicate since they are divorced. Making it hard on me, I am the one that has to be the, "Messenger." while avoiding getting yelled at and being accused of every act I do. My family used to be so close, we could tell eachother everything...But now, it's different. I hardly communicate with my family, trying not to make a mistake. I dont know when the last time was I told anyone in my family I loved them...

I enjoy roleplaying, but I am not interested at all in online dating/relationships. It's easier for me to find my true love face to face with the perfect guy I have been longing for. I'm still trying to pass that wall between me and my ex-boyfriend. Sometimes I wish that I could have another chance with him, but at times I wish that we had never met...One wish that I really know will come true, is finding what and who I really want in my life.

I'm failing school right now. I feel like crap everyday, and I am always verbally harassed. I feel like crap, and just want to give up...No one understands me anymore, because everything in my life changed completely and pernamently. I don't feel happy anymore and each day, there is always something that goes wrong.
I try pretending that nothing is wrong with me, so I hide my feelings. I am an internal person and don't share my feelings often. So I am amazing and shocking myself that I am actually telling my story to the world, to most people I have never even met in my entire life, to the world.

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