I'm Nobody. Pick your favorite name for me, and that's who I shall be to you. My main goal in life is to reach my dreams, and I've begun to believe that I can, in fact, do it.

I'm equal parts
sweet and innocent, dark and sinister. Corpses and butterflies. I can go from one personality to the other with no problem. I can be pretty shy and reserved in situations where I don't know people well, but once I get to know you I'm very open and talkative. So chat with me! I won't bite, I promise. But I may forget to log on for long stints of time


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Sometimes... I just stop breathing

Writing about my life. Not very interesting, even to me, the one whose living it.



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Report | 04/24/2011 6:21 am


friend!! i miss you!! is everything ok?? you dont check pink spider matsumoto anymore... -hugs-
Pugnacious Banana

Report | 11/24/2010 2:48 am

Pugnacious Banana

thank you~~ i like your username.

Report | 08/31/2010 4:19 pm


Thanking you very much for your purchase.
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Report | 08/09/2010 5:11 pm


hey there miss u!! hows everything!! is stress full still?, did you go on touring?? tour to mexico is a nice cheap country lol!!!

Report | 08/01/2010 8:00 am


to tell u the truth way to lonely lol!! im fine, i say goodbye to some friends and you know those changes always hurt, lol go touring!!! i support you on that!!! *hugs* rest a little so you can have energy for what is next

Report | 07/20/2010 9:26 am


heeey i miss ya!!! i have info on how get an item, its a rainbow, if you want to know search tektek or i can be happily able to get you the info, i miss you, how are you??? hows the career?
MiYaVilicious Quartz

Report | 07/07/2010 10:40 pm

MiYaVilicious Quartz

If you're alright with these stained hands, I'd offer them to you any time

We don't need any maps or signs, close your eyes and we'll walk together.

It hurts more when you pull out a knife

then when you stab it in, did you know that?

A flower doesn't even know how pretty it is, ever in its life.

Isn't that sad.

If you hang on to my back,

a little wind wouldn't harm you, right?

come on, if you're gonna be slow like that I'll leave you behind

Boys & Girls hurry, hurry up

I guess I can't give you a kiss goodnight

I'm sorry, I'll sing for you instead

How about we're "even" now?

But what do you mean by "amiable"?

Is this line kinda awkward?

If you give me a chance, apologize and I say Girls, be ambitious

On lonely nights,

An indescribable restlessness,

a fear you just can't run from, a loneliness that makes you wanna cry

"Unfortunately" come visit you too, huh?

So that you could sleep tight on nights like that

Here's a charm.
xX-sEdUcTiVe  DiSeAsE-Xx

Report | 11/24/2008 4:44 pm

xX-sEdUcTiVe DiSeAsE-Xx

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xX-sEdUcTiVe  DiSeAsE-Xx

Report | 11/24/2008 4:40 pm

xX-sEdUcTiVe DiSeAsE-Xx

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Jareth Ri de Aislinge

Report | 07/17/2008 4:55 pm

Jareth Ri de Aislinge

Thank you, my lady~


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