Alright, so here's a little about me.

My name's Miyakai Valentine.

{Or you can call me Kai, if you like. Mi is acceptable, too.}

I live in Raytown, Missouri.
{But I don't have a Southern accent, thank the Goddess.}

My favorite colors are green and silver.
{Coincidentally, my birthstone is the Peridot. Pretty shade of green.}

My current favorite anime/manga is Bleach.
{Aizen Sousuke = Teh Sex.}

My current favorite video game is Final Fantasy XII.
{Balthier Bunansa = Teh Sex, too. Possibly as much sex as Aizen.}

I'm bisexual, and currently in a relationship.
{Well, maybe a few relationships.}

My favorite band is Dir en Grey.
{Niikura Kaoru is my idol.}

Music is my life.
{I'll listen to anything except rap, hip-hop, or country.}

I like to write and draw.
{The former more-so than the latter, because I don't think I draw very well. I spend most of my spare time reading, anyway.}

I'm of the Neopagan religion.
{Don't like it? Bite me.}

If you have any questions, just PM me. Despite how sassy my attitude may seem, I'm actually a rather agreeable person. :3


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The ducks shall RULE YOU!!

And Dorchette's shoes are mine, b*tch. XD;

This will be my mindless babblings about life and such and...there might be some stuff about FullMetal Alchemist in there, too. xD;;;


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Half-Metal Homunculus

Report | 03/15/2008 9:10 am

Half-Metal Homunculus

Hallo. User Image

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私も日本語を話す。 surprised

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oh for f*ck's sakes woman, you're not on my friendslist. I have to change this.

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Roses are red
violets are blue
honey is sweet
but not as sweet as you

but it is stickier =X
Fred Fuchs

Report | 01/23/2007 2:49 pm

Fred Fuchs

I'm prettier D;
Xxx - H i m e - xxX

Report | 01/12/2007 8:00 pm

Xxx - H i m e - xxX

*comment rapes* Yay for Bleach! I'm liking your profile Miya-chan. Kirei desu heart

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lolz I look like a noob

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WOW!!! Liking the page!!! Missing you much. Hope you are happy and enjoying life.
Fred Fuchs

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Fred Fuchs

I honestly thought I was on Mary's profile when I saw your layout.

WTF indeed.

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Is that where it belongs?!


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