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Holy Roman Empire = Germany. Now that you know that...

Welcome to all that is curious. My name is Mitsuke Horenake, and as of right now I hang out on

By the way, here's the link to my account if you're curious.
For those of you who hang out around the Hetalia section, yes I was the one who wrote "Holy Roman Empire".

Well, for the most part, I have recently become a Hetalia fan since the end of August and have now fully intergrated it in my life. I like to think of myself as the sadistic American human hanging around a country-ridden guild...I don't know why, but I just wanted to say that.


Yes, I do believe the theory (Germany = Holy Roman Empire). If you say otherwise, I will just like to say that there is geographical and historical proof that they are the same and there is nothing you can say about it biggrin

For those of you who think I'm talking about the fanfic called "Holy Roman Empire", I'll just humor you here. Jump down the profile if you're not curious. I won't blame you. I wanted to talk about it anyway, since it's the most popular fic on my account to date and I had a freakishly fun time with it.

The idea came up around early September after I read a three-way Germany x Italy x Holy Rome fanfic. Odd enough, this idea would later end up being Chapter 5. Originally, Germany and Italy were supposed to be the only ones with superpowers. But around Chapter 3, I realized that America (and hypothetically England) had powers as well. I decided that I was going to be generous and just handed it around.

The country that I had the most fun choosing an ability for (besides Italy, of course) was Belarus. Sure, she didn't do much, but admit it: if she could travel through shadows, Russia would be universally screwed xd

The hardest one was either Switzerland or Lietchenstein. Personally, the ones I gave them were probabaly the worst that I could've ever given them. I think i jipped them sweatdrop but fortunately, I found something that Liet can do.

Truth of the matter, it was supposed to end at Ch. 21, but then I got depressed at just thinking about it around Chapter 9. After that, the people demanded an epilouge and I answered.

And now that I've bored you out of your wits...

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Mitsuki's Way of Life

OK, hi. Is that how I'm supposed to start? OK, good. Anyway, I'll just be writing about my journeys around here and about updates about my life, like cons and my fanfiction account (also under tha name of Mitsuki Horenake). So...yeah.


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Silverstar_Cross Report | 05/12/2017 7:11 am
Futaba Sakura as Hair Model has Potential and could have totally been a thing had *SPOILERS* not befell her family. crying
At any rate, more 'on-screen' hair flips from Futaba please.
Also you go on Discord?
Silverstar_Cross Report | 05/02/2017 11:57 am
Does Futaba Sakura is hair model?
Javier Cross Report | 07/07/2015 9:46 pm
Javier Cross
It's enough to make spending 5 nights with a few-hundred (LOW) Super-Human/Enhanced Human 'Yanderes' at once seem preferable
compared to that.

Cue Western Publishers(including the U.S or otherwise to our dismay) either not getting a clue and
a few working brain-cells together, or having too much BAD Executive Meddling at the fanbases' expense, or
even doing things to insult all those fanbases at once or even worse than just that,
all the above being done at the exact same time.
Well 'It worked for Harmony Gold when they didn't want the Sega Saturn or Sega Dreamcast version of Super Robot Wars Alpha #01 to reach Western Shores,
and made them HUGE MOOLAH, why won't it work for us here?'
says their really bad logic.

Of course, all those Novels eager to get movies made out of their main events and selling out Licenses wily-nilly don't help matters
too well either, neither the Nolan Brothers nor Del Toro can be everywhere at once contrary to popular belief.
Javier Cross Report | 07/06/2015 7:09 pm
Javier Cross
All things considering, it's pretty scary. :jawdrop
Also I wonder how long it'll take for modern-day Novels to go get a hint and have this kind of video game of
their own get made?(Something akin to Project X-Zone or the better-done Super Robot Wars games, plot-wise)
Javier Cross Report | 07/02/2015 9:41 pm
Javier Cross
If Namco's x Bandai's Self-Preservation Genes are even 1/5th as functional as people demand, they will not mess this up to say the least.
They mess up, it won't be just a lot of the screwed over Dot Hackers out for rioting.


In any case, Hotsuma's story sounds interesting, I might wanna read about it at some point.
Javier Cross Report | 07/02/2015 9:23 pm
Javier Cross
Let's not forget that a lot more people WILL BE P.O'd if the sequel don't hit the globe in deadly earnest,
and given that Resident Evil is now included and Konami's done no small amounts of dumb stuff
lately, would you blame them for it?
Javier Cross Report | 07/01/2015 10:04 pm
Javier Cross
Here's hoping the Sequel follows suit, does a few Major Betters and even adds folks from Tales of Hearts or Symphonia as playable party members.
Javier Cross Report | 06/30/2015 9:29 pm
Javier Cross
You still remember Project X-Zone 1 + 2 by chance?
Javier Cross Report | 06/29/2015 10:30 pm
Javier Cross
Yup, Tales of Xillia 1 + 2 both brought those concepts up when it stems
to Milla Maxwell herself.


I am also honest in watching an entire Tales of Hearts R playthrough, still wondering how come Miss Kohak/Amber/Kohaku Hearts'
Hair holds such Powerful properties without detailed spoilers.
Javier Cross Report | 06/27/2015 8:26 pm
Javier Cross
Sounds a lot tougher to do as opposed to Tales of Xillia 1 + 2 by all means.
Which shows a sort-of interesting take on what happens when you combine Jesus Christ with The Goddess Freya/Freyja of Odin's people
if I recall right.(intriguing concepts by the way.)


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