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Pickwickett Report | 04/30/2012 4:51 pm
Welcome back to the land of pixels. :3
Memeri Report | 08/06/2011 9:54 am
<3 you!
Pickwickett Report | 07/23/2011 5:11 am
I spy a Capulet! X3
Wako Smitty no Yuuku Report | 03/12/2011 7:53 am
Wako Smitty no Yuuku
Hmmm....I owe you some sort of birthday present.....but what?
The Lady Desire Report | 10/31/2010 1:20 pm
The Lady Desire
Thanks For Buying! 4laugh
Pegasus Staracras Report | 03/28/2010 11:19 am
Pegasus Staracras
That should be fun. I hope it works out well.
Pegasus Staracras Report | 03/28/2010 11:10 am
Pegasus Staracras
Well we managed to get a hold of some very good stage blood. My classmate who played Titus managed to make a fake hand out of several surgical gloves and rigged up a release mechanism so that the blood would pour out when we "cut" it. (or rather I cut it. I played Aaron) He hid it in his coat sleeve.
Pegasus Staracras Report | 03/28/2010 10:59 am
Pegasus Staracras
I think you would really like the Blackfriars. They have a website if you're interested.

We had a wonderful project where we had to figure out how to stage Titus having his hand cut off on stage.
Pegasus Staracras Report | 03/28/2010 7:25 am
Pegasus Staracras
It's an early revenge tragedy of Shakespeare's; a lot of scholars wonder if it's perhaps the first tragedy Shakespeare wrote. It's not Hamlet, but it's really very interesting. And bloody, very bloody. My professor introduced it to me for a staging-problem project.

No actually the Blackfriars is in Staunton, VA. It's the only recreation of the Blackfriars theatre of Shakespeare's time and they practice original (or as close to original as we can get) staging practices.
Pegasus Staracras Report | 03/27/2010 3:52 pm
Pegasus Staracras
"Let fools do good, and fair men call for grace. Aaron will have his soul black, like this face." ~Aaron, Titus Andronicus.

Greetings to you. It is so good to see another English major on Gaia. I am a friend of Sir_Catherine's, who pointed me in your direction.

Out of curiosity (since you love Shakespeare), have you been to the Blackfriars Playhouse?



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