Hi! c:

I'm Mit-Rah but I have many nicknames so feel free to call me anything you feel like~

I live and am from Finland
I'm 3/4 Finnish, 1/4 Karelian
Heterosexual, but perhaps bicurious just abit
Single, but currently not looking for relationship
Rp lover
Into anime, manga, fantasy, games, archery, music, culture etc
There are also things that makes even me uncomfortable, that will be secret for now

I have left Gaia few times but now I try to be online whenever I can to meet new friends and hang out with my old friends. However, I don't like rude people or those who insult other people for no good reason. You see, I got short temper.

My Gaian home in Towns is in 2 Barton 2126, but I am mostly in Barton 1000 area so if you want to talk, come there to see me ^-^


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Mit-Chan's Journalé

Poems, songs, profiles etc. Everything comes to this journal. I'd be happy if you leave comments ^.^


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domokun domokun domokun
Kalas X3

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Kalas X3

I think it was around the last time we role played. I was being difficult over something & caused the role play to get stopped. (The RP of people dying in the "real" world & being transported to another world.)
Kalas X3

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Kalas X3

How long has it been since we last spoke? I'd say too long. sweatdrop crying
Kalas X3

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Kalas X3

MITTY!!! *glomps*

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Howishu today, Mitty-chan? smile

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Hi hi Mit Mit. :3 -sends hugs-

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Mit Rah!
It's been so long! how have you been?
it's Dolly by the way!
also I have a new account if you're interested in reconnecting!

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MITTY ~~~~~~ heart

Report | 01/09/2017 10:29 pm


Gods, i know... and if I noticed it right it was pretty soon after he either got married or something too sad

They started Season 4 a few months back and they're graphics and fights are very getting even better.
I feel like they learned a lot from the time they worked with him.

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Season three was slow but it was worth it


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