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Hey I am MisunderstoodFurry, You may call me Leo also if you choose to do so.

Some of you may know me as Sly_The_Wolf from back on my old account, you may also know me as Neko. You may also know me as my real name which is Kaitlyn.

I am Bisexual so I read Yaoi and Yuri mainly Yaoi, If you ask for a site fro yaoi and yuri I will look for a site that goes for your needs.

Pm me asking questions I don't bite hard.

I also play games and watch anime give me a shout if you want to talk about anime, manga or games.

Art by Reaver The Reaper

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Broken Hearts and Butterfly wings.
Are hard to repair but with a little help.
They can be fixed.
With friends nothing can bring you down.
With everything can fix a broken life.
For a broken life is just a broken wing.
That with a little help and a little care can be fixed.


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