Hello Gaia, welcome to my profile that is a work in progress.

 My position in my family is second of eight with me existing as the first girl born. I spent most my life in Bakersfield, and the beginning of it mostly in San Jose. I developed into a socially awkward individual without being able to leave my house for dread from my great-grandmother ( the person who raised me) of me ending of pregnant. I finished my last teen years finishing Ridgeview High School where I then began to try to make my way through college only to fail because mental health. Joy.

I got through all of it, though, after meeting certain people and dropping others. Which brings me to my current self. A person that identifies as pansexual, genderfluid with masculine undertones, polygamous, baby girl, and a submissive.I have a boyfriend and a master, who I am not looking to have a threesome with. If you want to have a threesome with me and one of my guys ladies, that is fine. However, I will not be down to have a threesome with you and your boyfriend when I am looking for a girlfriend not to share with any of my guys unless they are comfortable with.IF YOU LOVE COFFEE: I CAN MAKE YOU A REALLY AWESOME DRINK. Just saying.