I'm going offline for a little while. I'm not quitting. Don't worry

A few things you need to know about me

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Name: Rai (I will never give out my last name...)
Age: 18
DoB: 5-21
Sexuality: Bisexual (If you don't like it, then leave)
Race: Half Korean, half Japanese

>>Indie Rock
>>Video games
>>Reading some yaoi
>>Going to anime conventions
>>Coming here on Gaia
>>Meeting new people
>>Vintage things

>>Being called 'emo'
I do not have any cuts or scars on my wrists, I don't wear eye liner....well, sometimes, but not a lot, and I don't like emo music or bands.
>>People that talk crap about bisexuals and/or gays.
We only like the people that we like, and don't hit on every guy or girl we see. We pick who we want to be with just like everyone else...
>>People pushing the 'WORD OF GOD' crap...
I don't believe in God. I think his 'word' and 'stories' are a piece a crap and don't make sense. But I do believe there is something up there watching over us, but it's name is not 'God'
>>Anyone from Disney
Jonas, Miley, and all of them, I want them dead
Why do people like this crap? I don't see it...
Do NOT come on here begging for gold. I will shut you down!
>>People that label others
Labeling is pointless. It's for soup cans