All about lil ol' me!!

PERSONAL DATA(interview format)
Name: "My name? Well that's Eden Bell, but please, call me Missy Eden!" whee
Height: "The last time I checked, I was 5 foot 7. Isn't that just a purrfect height? Not to short, yet, not too tall, nya~" 4laugh
Weight: "Eh? Wai-- WHAT?! No, nope! There's no way I'll EVER tell you THAT information talk2hand sweatdrop
Hair Color: "Well since I'm a bakeneko, the only places I have fur are my tail, ears, and the rest of my head (where normal human hair grows). My tail and ears are a sandy color while my regular, not to mention short, hair is a sleek and black, hehe!" lol
Eye Color: *leans close to your face* "Look, look! Aren't my eyes the prettiest shade of blue?" xd
Skin Color: "Tan, sorta like my furry parts"
Tattoos: "I'm not really a fan of needles and such, but if I were to get a tattoo, it would be something simple and cute!"
Race: "Like I said before, I'm an adorable bakeneko, well, I didn't mention before that I was adorable, but I still am either way!" 3nodding
Personality sad (I'll answer that one. Btw this is how I speak as admin. Missy Eden is optimistic, naive, energetic, and (a little) self-centered. She tends to be a bit overly friendly, and doesn't pay any mind to personal space. So to put it simply, she's an airhead that loves doing fun things with her friends.))