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That is the quote I live by. I, myself have made a lot of mistakes in my barely begun life, I regret each one of them. But the only way I have managed to live through my dark times is to put them behind me. The funny thing is I received this quote in a fortune cookie after i made the worst mistake. Weird huh?

My real name is Emily. I would tell you all the good things about me and the bad things, but I think if you really cared about what kind of person I am you would ask and have an actual conversation with me. But I do NOT judge people, and I allways find the facts about a problem before siding with it or against. I'm a very "opinionative person," says my english teacher. So you could say I'm good at giving advice.

Im quite tall 5 ft 8.I have a slender figure, with pretty much no muscle. Im very flexable. My hair is auburn with a reddish tinge. I have big blue eyes
and very long eylashes. My skin tone is sort of yellow
in winter. but in the summer im quite tan, and i have never had braces. Thats my description.

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I currently live in Australia, which is awsome because I love it here. Summer gets very hot and we get alot of bushfires. That isn't a good thing but last summer, the bushfires really united everyone. I live near the most beautiful beach. So you could say im a very outdoorsy person.

I have a small family, since I havn't seen my mum or any of that side of the family in 3 years. This it due to the fact that they are very antisocial. But I do not refer to my mother as my mum, i think of her as the person who gave birth to me. I could go into more detail but i think my story is soo horrible that you won't be able to empathize. so you could only feel sympathetic for me but I, personally think thats really offencive, feeling sorry for someone. So the only thing that i can say is that i love my dad and my sister more than anything, I couldnt wish for a better fammily.

The school I go to is a giant HOLE in the ground. Seriously. It's full of potheads and drunks. I hate all the teachers. I mean really what gives the teachers the authority to take our stuff and to tell us what to do with our lives. My year is filled with soo many immature freaks. eg, my eyes are quite big, and people just come up to me and tell there really big and i just hate it. There probably just jealous. But at the end of the day i do have a great group of friends, who have stood by me through my rough patches.

The only sport I participate in, is Calisthenics. It's a combination between dancing, ballet, gymnastics and cheerleading. Flexibility is a main part of it. I have to wear lots of leotards and costumes and have my hair done. The best part is having to wear a butt load of makeup and fake eyelashes. I have compititions to go to and events envolving the sport. I really enjoy it.

Just a few rules:

1) If you havn't got anyhting nice to say, don't say anyhting at all.

2) I don't want any profile comments, if you want to talk, add me as a friend and have a conversation C:

3) I don't appreciate beggers. If you want the gold and items so badly go do a puzzle and earn it.

4) Please no spam or chain mail they don't work! So don't waste your time.

5) I won't tolerate men asking me to be there girlfriend or to cyber with them, if you do ask me these things I will report you.

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1.) Grace Of Aphrodite
2.) Diapered Egg
3.) Layla
4.) Uncanny Form
5.) Candy Striped Bra
6.) Candy Striped Underwear
These are the items I need to complete my dream avitar.

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I mostley love Action, Thriller, Horror and si-fi movies. I know, i'm a bit of a nerd.

:The Island
:Transformers 1 and 2
:The Core
:The Harry Potter Saga
:Employee Of The Month
:Star Wars Saga

TV Shows:

:Big Bang Theory
:Good News Week
:Family Guy
:That 7O's Show
:How I Met Your Mother


:New Moon
:Breaking Dawn

I'm not a die hard fan of twilight, I just think the books are a good read.

:Ice Station
:Area 7
:Hell Island
:7 Ancient Wonders
:6 Sacred Stones
:Angels and Demons


I like all music with bass. otherwise it becomes boring and i cant listen to it. IT JUST DOESNT SOUND RIGHT. I also hate modern rock (eg. kings of leon).

Some of my Faves.

:Robbie Williams
biggrin avid Guetta

And this might sound weird, but i really LOVE 80's music.


I find Myself Good at most sports such as

biggrin ancing
:table tenis
:Net Ball
:Ice skating
:European Handball



:Any forms of art. I'm Quite Talented in that area
biggrin ancing
:Talking Alot
:Expressing My Opinion

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I'm A Booty Grab Addict. So if you know of Any good threads for booty grab Please tell me.